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TH Seeds

TH Marijuana Seeds This company  is one of the   pioneers in terms of marijuana seeds breeding  in Holland.   They have been around since 1993 and started with the name Cannabis in Amsterdam (CIA).   Since the start of the company in the said year they have produced many excellent marijuana strains which earned them the respect of other cannabis seed breeders worldwide.   This breeder has already won a lot of awards for their weed strains since 1995 [Read more..]


Thc Farmer

Thc Farmer Marijuana Seed Auctions Talk about a unique business proposition, the Thc Farmer Marijuana Seed Auctions offers a variety of marijuana seeds for sale on auction basis.   An auction is a unique way of buying marijuana seeds where the marijuana seeds are offered for sale to the highest bidder.   To succeed in this and entice people to bid and buy marijuana, the weed seed strains up for auction must be really rare or a bargain.   The [Read more..]


THC Laboratories

THC Laboratories Marijuana Seeds The Marijuana Seeds of this company are found in several online seedbanks foremost of which is the Cannaseed seedbank.   This cannabis breeder is known as an expert in terms of producing hybrids and therefore has several of the fine hybrid marijuana seeds for sale.   Growers who would like to buy marijuana seeds coming from them can choose from Sex, which is a crossing between Moroc and Afghan strain, Columbian red, Madman, Crystal Mix, and [Read more..]


THC Planet

THC Planet Marijuana Seeds The THC planet Marijuana Seeds is seedbank located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.   It is an online seedbank that carries weed seeds from top breeders such as AC Genetics, Hy-pro Seeds, Serious Seeds, and Zambesa among many others.   The complete list of marijuana seed breeders that they have can be seen in the left column of this page.   The company accepts only a particular payment method for each country where the buyer is coming [Read more..]


THC Talk

THC Talk Marijuana Seeds THC talk is an online forum that caters to anybody who is interested in anything about marijuana seeds, growing, harvesting, germinating, and a whole lot more. The site is a venue where cannabis growers from all over the world converge and share experiences about weed plants. It is also a forum where those who want to but marijuana seeds normally seek advices from those who have experienced buying previously. By last data available, this forum has [Read more..]