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X18 Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Tom Hill Seeds

X18 Type:  Regular Climate: Indoor/Outdoor Flowering: 63 Days Yield:  Average Height:  Indica/Sativa:  Indica Effect: Head Relaxing Flavour:  Sour Apple, Pear, Citrus THC Level:  High Growing:  Easy Tom Hill’s X18 is a pure Pakistani marijuana strain. It is an old indica cannabis strain which was an import from Pakistan and was introduced to Northern California by Tom Hill in the early 1980’s. X18 is pure that’s why it is a very good strain to combine with other marijuana types during [Read more..]


Haze Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Tom Hill Seeds

Haze Type:  Crossbred Climate: Indoor Flowering: 14-16 Weeks Yield:  Wispy Height:  Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa Effect: Flavour:  THC Level:  High Growing:  Easy/Moderate Tom Hill’s Haze is a hybrid of some of the best narrow-leaf cannabis strains found in Mexico, Colombia, India, and Thailand. Tom Hill’s Haze is a long flowering cannabis plant but it can give you a high quality harvest. This marijuana strain is good cannabis to try out. Newbies and professional growers can actually grow this strain [Read more..]


Deep Chunk Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Tom Hill Seeds

Deep Chunk Type:  Regular Climate: Indoor Flowering: 7-9 Weeks Yield:  Low/Moderate Height:  2-3 Feet Indica/Sativa:  Indica Effect: Flavour:  Skunk to Hashy Pine THC Level:  15% Growing:  Easy/Moderate Deep Chunk was an original bred of Tom Hill. This unique broadleaf marijuana strain was originally from Afghanistan and it was introduced to Northern California in 1970’s and it was then embraced by a lot of people because of its potency and quality. It is a fast flowering cannabis strain which has thick [Read more..]


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Tom Hill Seeds The Tom Hill Seeds Company Marijuana Seeds is a breeder of many rare and excellent cannabis strains. They don’t have a website as of now where to get additional information about the breeder but their marijuana seeds are available in many online seedbanks and other weed retail stores. Some of the online seedbanks where customers can buy marijuana seeds coming from Tom Hill Seed company are Weedbay, Seedbay Auctions, GCSC, and other major weed retailers and wholesalers [Read more..]