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WallyDuck Marijuana Seeds This company is an Australian breeder that is known to specialize in marijuana seed strains called Ducksfoot. The term ducksfoot came from the appearance of the cannabis leaves that looks like duck's foot instead of the usual 5 fingers. Because of this leaves' appearance, the cannabis plant may not look like a marijuana plant to the trained eye. This breeder supplies a lot of online seed banks. Customers who buy marijuana seeds from online seedbanks that don't [Read more..]

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Water Bongs Glass Pipes

Water Bongs Glass Pipes Smoke Shop This company is a complete smoke shop which creates custom-made and hand-crafted glass pipes and water bongs. The customer can design their own accessory and order it to be made exclusively for him. The bongs are made from Pyrex material which is very light and yet durable and tough. The glass products of Water Bongs Glass Pipes are uniquely designed and even change color. Special deals such as free pipes or glass jax screens [Read more..]

Weed City

Weed City Marijuana Seeds The company is a very popular and reliable seed bank based in England. They have one of the most extensive line-up of marijuana seeds for sale. Aside from selling marijuana seeds, this online seed bank also caters to accessories and tools for marijuana enthusiasts and collectors. the advantage of this online seed banks is that they offer free delivery anywhere in the world. That's definitely a treat even to those who come from far away places. [Read more..]

Weed King

Weed King Marijuana Seeds This company is a known German marijuana seed bank which carries several cannabis through the internet worldwide. It does not only provide helpful information about how to choose and buy the best cannabis seeds, but it also gives you the complete details of their prevailing prices and shipment arrangements.It also carries a wide variety of other products and services including hard to find species and most recent hybrids of marijuana plants. Weed King sources its array [Read more..]

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Weed Seed Shop

Weed Seed Marijuana Seeds This company has been carrying quality and champion cannabis seeds produced by top breeders from Amsterdam for almost 15 years now. Cannabis Cup winners and high yielding marijuana seeds can be purchased from Weed Seed Shop at very reasonable prices. Delivery services are safe, secured and 100% discreet. All deliveries are guaranteed within 4 to 28 days depending in your local postal services. Always remember to provide accurate and exact delivery address to avoid delays. Payment [Read more..]