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Yardie Seeds

Yardie Seeds Marijuana Seeds It is a very miniature breeder of 2 people of doesn’t have big quantity of seeds to put up for sale but seeds are high quality and well worth checking out. All seeds are grown outside in to plant in natural daylight and darkness which is naturally 12/ 12 all year round in the hills of the mountains. Yardie seeds sell quality auto flowering seed and feminized seeds and ship worldwide from the UK and Jamaica. [Read more..]


Yervaguena Growshop

Yervaguena Growshop Marijuana Seeds is an online seed bank that is based in Spain and has been in the cannabis business for more than ten years now. They are known as one of the pioneers in Spain and has been blazing the cannabis trails ever since they started with their operations. The company offers for sale a comprehensive list of marijuana seeds ranging from the indoor and outdoor weed seeds, hybrid cannabis strains and other expert growers' preferred pot varieties. [Read more..]