Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

White Widow

Type:  Indica/Sativa
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 60 Days
Yield:  450g/m2
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Indica/Sativa
Effect: Expectorant
Flavour:  Fruity
THC Level:  20-25%
Growing:  Medium/Hard

A very potent variety of cannabis. Its name comes from the large quantity of trichome that gives the plant its white tint. White widow is categorized as one of the more potent strains of weed alongside Afghan Kush and AK-47. It has a 20 to 25% high THC level. The high THC level makes the buds hard to see at all.  White widow is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It is best grown indoors. It reaches a height of 35 to 80 cms and yields as much as 450 grams per square meter.This plant has such a fresh and fruity flavor. It has a strong and pungent odor to it that may take some getting used to. It has a sour like sweetness hint to it at the last whiff which leans towards the sweet in the end. More advance and heavy users love the thick, heavy and almost acrid smoke associated with this strain. If your goal is to get truly stoned, then this is the weed for you.