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Connoisseur Genetics

Connoisseur Genetics Marijuana Seeds

It is a marijuana seed breeder which has no official website and very limited information. It breeds quality regular and feminized marijuana seeds. Customers can avail of the Connoisseur Genetics marijuana seeds through its seed banks which include Attitude Seeds, Sea of Seeds, Sensible Seeds, Herbie’s Cannabis Seeds and Weed Seed Shop. It does not sell directly to customers. All information about its best selling strains and the prevailing prices can be inquired though its seed banks only. It has several strains and the stocks are always available.

The Connoisseur Genetics regular marijuana seeds include Secret Recipe, OJ’s Haze, Cheese dog, UK Chem, Sour Hazy Jones, Chem Wreck Kush, Grandaddy Haze and Cheese and Chaze. The feminized marijuana seeds available are Grateful Casey Seeds, NYC Jones, Chemmy Jones, Purple Cheech and many others. For the month of April, the ten best selling Connoisseur Genetics marijuana seeds are featured in Herbie’s Cannabis online store with the Cheese Dog strain at the top. Connoisseur Genetics Grand Daddy Purple and SSSdh weed seeds in particular have received quite positive reviews from growers who tried them. Assorted strains from this breeder can be mixed in the Pick and Mix section of Herbie’s and is offered at affordable prices. Discount codes, stealth packaging, payment methods and delivery schedules will depend on the policies of the seed banks and distributors of Connoisseur Genetics seeds.

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

Connoisseur Genetics
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5 thoughts on “Connoisseur Genetics”

  1. east coast cookies- 4 of 5 fem seeds popped. all looked good till 4th wk of flower, 2 started herming. One very badly and another with one or two herm parts (too many!!) i chucked them both. The other two are on 5th week now and looking good. big stretch on these. have them with some double alien og and darkstar (no herms with them) and they have outstretched the darkstar by triple.
    I blame the herms on the fem seeds. i have been a grower for many years and untill the last few using fems a herm was something i had only read about. Now i get a few a year from top notch companies and companies like connoisseur that has no web page of their own and no customer service.
    I will never buy from them again for this reason alone. I like companies you can talk to. This i did not realize untill trying to contact them.
    Who knows the last two may be great. I do know i have had enough feminized seed punishment and will be going back to regs in the future. 

  2. i  bought a pack of gdp feminized, these seeds are junk , gemination rates are 0%, do not buy conisuer genetics, i am an experienced grower, 30 plus years ,, do not buy……

  3. These guys are top notch! Excellent and passionate at what they do, and very clever and dedicated in keeping and reviving some classic strains with a twist. Very trustworthy and great to deal with, fiy ou can find them ;-).

    1. Will, you are right about the weeds in the gaedrn and the ones in life. Sometimes I think the ones in the gaedrn are easier to remove than those in life. If we could just reach down and pluck the weeds from our life things would be great but it just isn’t that easy.

  4. The Grandoggy Purp feminized from Connoisseur Genetics was recommended by a friend grower. Where can I buy this strain? Where does it grow best, indoors or outdoors? I live in Vienna. What is the most reputable marijuana seed bank here?  I will pay in cash, probably in USD or euros whichever is accepted. Thank you, guys.

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