Morpheus Marijuana Seeds


For those who want to experience a dreamy effect while fully awake, then Morpheus of the Crop King Seeds is what you are looking for. With a pure head high without a sofa lock and paranoia effects, Morpheus can make you come back for more.
Growing this strain is just moderately easy but it is only recommended for indoor growing. If grown well indoors, this weed strain can produce dense heavy buds between thin spindly leaves that flowers between 10 to 12 weeks. Almost all of the characteristics of this strain are of a Sativa.
With the use of proper growing methods and tools, Morpheus can grow well indoors. Weed fertilizers, light, water and soil should be properly used but nothing to worry though if you are just a beginner because growing this weed is moderately easy. With your effort, you will probably get a moderate to high yield of harvest after growing it.