Type: Auto Flowering Feminized
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 7 weeks
Yield: 250 grams per plant
Height: Short – Medium (3.5 feet avg)
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica
Effect: Stoney High – Full Body Buzz
Flavour: Lemon and Citrus
THC Level: 13.67%
Growing: Easy Moderate

Revolver is one of the best selling strains of Crop King Seeds. This Indica dominant strain is a hybrid of NY City Diesel and the original White Widow. A lot of people love Revolver because of its taste and it’s quick flowering time. Plus, it is a very easy to grow strain.
Crop King Seeds only carry the auto flowering Revolver thus you can’t get a male plant from it. You don’t have anything to worry if you are a beginner grower.
The average height of Revolver is 3.5 feet which can match a smaller indoor grow environment. Though small, this plant can provide any grower with high yield. First time growers will surely get a surprise at the end of the grow season for this strain.
When used, Revolver will give you a rapid fire of stoney high that will leave you with a full body buzz. It is medicinally effective for appetite stimulation and pain relief.