Zeus Strain

Type: Indica/Sativa
Climate: warm and sheltered outdoor climate
Flowering: 9 – 10 Weeks
Yield: Up to 500gr indoors/300 Outdoors
Height: Short
Indica/Sativa: 100% Sativa
Effect:  Strong Sativa Buzz
Flavor: Classically dank flavor
THC Level: 20 – 25%
Growing: Experienced

Zeus strain is the outcome of crossing the genetics of the hybrid Pineapple OG with the hybrid Deadhead OG.


Zeus marijuana seed is extremely relaxing and would inspire you to hit it back and speck more real-time concentrating on felling chilled out and stress-free. This cannabis strain would be felt almost instantly to the entire body, relaxing it and making the feeling cerebral uplifted and stimulated.


Zeus cannabis strain is very special in its scent alone, as it obtains a flexible mixture of some sweet, peppery, and tropical fruits. This cannabis strain has also the scent of earthy and herbal coming up with a gentle touch of sweet pineapples that would keep your attention.


Zeus cannabis strain has an earthy and woody flavor on your first inhale, with a powerful skunky touch. This Indica-dominant strain has a hit that would taste sweet and fruity, and when you exhale it you would note a sour pine taste that would also have a herbal flavor and like fresh tea and sweet.