Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Orange Grapefruit

Type:  Sativa
Flowering: Medium
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Sativa
Effect: Light
Flavour:  Fruity
THC Level:  Medium

Orange Grapefruit is a hybrid betweenOrangeand Grapefruit. Both strains are known for having great taste and great qualities and merged together makes it even better. It is a guaranteed improvement from previous orange varieties. It pushes the boundaries of what you can do without going overboard on it. The fresh, tasty and very fruity touch to this marijuana strain makes it very appealing to those who prefer a lighter finish to their weed.
It does not have any heaviness associated with it after effects. It was created to be light and refreshing just like a breath of fresh air or a bowl of freshly picked fruits. It is not concentrated like the stronger cannabis breeds. It will not leave you feeling tired or like you have a hangover. Orange Grapefruit is both dynamic and refreshing. Without a doubt this strain is getting the best from two excellent varieties.