Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry Chem Kush

Type:  Regular, Medical
THC Level:  

Strawberry Chem Kush has limited information in the site of the Dank House. It is actually one of the new releases of the said seed bank. Also, it is one of the most awaited strawberry strains you could find from the Dank House. This marijuana strain is known for being among the greatly influenced strawberry strains that could be used as medicines. You would certainly find this strain perfect for your needs and it is quite interesting just by seeing its picture. You would find its structure to be different from others. It would somehow have clumps of flowers. On the other hand, it has few leaves that would turn out to be very long in length and thin.
Strawberry Chem Kush is also a hybrid. It is actually one of the lucky children of Strawberry Alien Kush. On the other hand, its Strawberry Alien Kush parent is coupled with the Chemdwag D for better results.