Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Critical Super Silver Haze

Type:  Feminized
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 65-75  Weeks
Yield:  450-500g/m2
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Effect: Euphoric
THC Level:  21%
Growing:  Easy

Know that this strain is another sativa variant developed by Delicious seeds for their sativa fans. Know that the feminized seeds of this strain have quick flowering abilities that can be traced from the legendary upper Silver Haze and was crossed with Critical+ in order to boost the production of Critical Super Silver Haze. This marijuana strain belongs to the latest generation of strains and is considered to have a very strong sativa kind of high and also the amazing flowering capabilities of indica variants.  The seeds of Critical Super Silver Haze are considered to be not that fuzzy unlike most of the sativa variants. This strain only requires the most basic of knowledge when it comes to cultivating it. That is why growing Critical Super Silver Hazeis great for beginners.The buds of Critical Super Silver Haze are considered to be resinous and some buds may be hariy while some not so much.