Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Northern Light Blue

Type:  Feminized
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 55-60 Weeks
Yield:  Up to 400g/m2
Height:  70 cm.
Indica/Sativa:  100% Indica
Effect: Sedative
Flavour:  Sweet Fruit
THC Level:  20%
Growing:  Easy

This marijuana strain is said to be another one of those indica automatic strains that has been approved for medicinal use. Northern Light Blue is said to be ideal when dealing with chronic pains for the effect of this strain can leave you feeling relaxed. Aside from dealing with pain, Northern Light Blue is also used by smokers when it comes to the fact that they just want to chill out or meditate.  The height of Northern Light Bluecan reach up to 70 cm and will likely to grow one main large bud. The other buds will grow laterally. These secondary buds are said to be packed densely and then the outer skin is filled with resin crystals. Northern Light Blue has an aroma that is describe to be identical to forest fruits.Northern Light Blue is a third generation strain that is the product when you combine 2 auto flowering marijuana strains.