Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Brainstorm Haze

Type:  Regular
Climate:  Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering:  70 days
Yield:  500-600gr/m2
Height:  Tall
Indica/Sativa:  90% sativa
Effect:  Cerebral
Flavour:  Sweet, Fruity
THC Level:  
Growing:  Easy to moderate

This hybrid marijuana strain is a 90% sativa that has its origins in Thailand It is the result of crossing a pure sativa landrace from Thailand with Star gazer of Delta 9 Labs.   Pure sativas from Southeast Asia are known to grow tall and takes time in flowering so it was crossed with a high yielder and fast flowering strain like Star Gazer.   The result is a versatile cannabis strain that can be grown whether indoor and outdoor.Flowering time for Brainstorm Haze can be expected once it reaches 70 days on the average.   This is already a short period as compared to its original flowering time which takes a lot longer if not crossed with an early flowering strain.   It is also expected to give high yield of as much as 600gr/m2 in a normal growing environment.   The effect when smoked is cerebral with an update, creative and motivating high.