Cannabis 101: The Different Strains of Marijuana

If you are a consumer of cannabis, you must know the different strains of marijuana to choose from. If you have the idea of what you are using it is a good factor that you can achieve your desired effect. Some people forgot to give time to do some research about the strain they wanted to try and it results in some psychedelic outcomes. 

Experts prescribe to allow yourself to do some study about the different types of strain. Some strains are used for medical treatment because of their content that offers a better feeling to treat issues like anxiety, depression, muscle pain, and other issues that can be treated by marijuana.

 There are also strains that are used for recreational purposes, this is a great way to fasten your capability and precision, can be used in parties, vacation, exciting outings and other occasions that require vibe and fun. 

Today we will be discussing the 3 basic strains that divide the variety of marijuana plants, these weeds contain effects that differ from each other in terms of THC, CBD, and potency level. Now take a sip out of your weed and take a look at this information regarding the cannabis community.

A Sativa marijuana strain

This type of marijuana strain is a flowering plant that originates from Asia but now distributed due to widespread growing. It has been grown throughout the world and used as a source of mood ailment and also medicine. This plant can be harvested depending on the purpose of the cultivator and usage. 

This was discovered in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus, and the word “Sativa” means that things are cultivated. The flowers of a Sativa plant are unisex and plants normally either male or female. Short-day flowering crop male plants usually get taller and less dense than female plants. 

The flowers of a Sativa female plant can produce hundreds of seeds while male plants shed their pollen and die weeks prior to the seed ripening on female plants.

Cannabis can be used to make oil for cooking, lamps, or paints. They also provide nutrients for most animals. The flowers and fruits contain psychoactive compounds known as cannabinoids that are taken for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Here are the examples of a Sativa weed:

  •         Maui Waui
  •         Lamb’s Bread
  •         Durban Poison
  •         Super Lemon Haze
  •         Sour Diesel

An Indica marijuana strain

A cannabis indica is a plant that is a putative species of cannabis. Indica plant is cultivated for several purposes, its plant fibers are converted into cloth. It also produces a large amount of THC content. The higher amount of THC provides euphoric and intoxicating outcomes making it popular for recreational and medical purposes. 

This was discovered by Jean Baptist-Lamarck in 1785; indica is short and contains dense branches. Indica plants can be observed in mountain range locations and are well suited to places where harsh temperatures and climates occur.

The broad leaves of an indica plant are cultivated for the production of plants that have less THC content. The stone feeling and less high can be observed, this strain can offer a body buzz and contains beneficial properties such as pain relief. Also, this can be a treatment for insomnia and other cerebral malfunction. 

This can elevate your creativity and energetic high with a twist of hallucinations. This strain can be used for recreational or medicinal purposes with moderate usage. The examples of cannabis indica are

  •         Bubba Kush
  •         Grand Daddy Purps
  •         Northern Lights
  •         L.A. Confidential
  •         Afghan Kush

A Hybrid marijuana strain

A plant that is mixed to inherit the characteristics of its two parents is called Hybrid. Hybrid strains can be a mixture of any plant types and usually contains phenotypes that are either Sativa or indica dominant or equal. Hybrid plants may also contain genes from ruderalis that are not dependent on light to flower, a process called “autoflowering”.

Here are some of the examples of a Hybrid strain

  •         Blue Dream
  •         Girl Scout Cookies
  •         Golden Boat
  •         Bruce Banner
  •         Headband

Now, these are the three types of marijuana strains, decide what to try and start your purchase today! Experience a cannabis effect to be creative, mentally high, or productive. Be a producer or consumer and start your own garden today!

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