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Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Marijuana Seeds

It is one of the biggest and most famous seed banks which sells and grows its own marijuana seeds. Dinafem also offers a wide selection of the best marijuana strains from other top breeders such as Barneys Farm, DNA, Dutch Passion, Grassomatic, Nirvana, Mr. Nice, Serious, Sensi, Sweet, Soma, Reserva Privada, Paradise, and Big Buddha Seeds. Among its best-seller strains are Dinafem OG Kush, Blue Hush, Sweet Deep Grapefruit, Shark Attack, Moby Dick, Critical, and Dinafem White Widow.

All Dinafem seeds are a careful selection of best cannabis seeds which are manually and mechanically cleaned; stocked in controlled storage to preserve the quality, and packed and shipped in innovative Eppendendorf microtubes. Dinafem seeds are packed in lightweight tubes with silica gel to effectively regulate humidity that keeps the seeds in top condition during shipment. Dinafem marijuana seeds are shipped in regular mail envelope for discreet and faster shipping. They also offer a tracking system to enable the customer to know the delivery status of their cannabis seeds.

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

Dinafem Seeds has several official distributors in Europe which include Indras Planet, The Grow Shop, Happy Smokers, and Souvenir Stores. Customers can buy marijuana seeds directly from this seed bank through its official website. They accept all major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment. Shipment for cannabis seeds ordered through its website has free transport. The customer has the option to pay for the package upon its receipt but there is an extra cost for this delivery service. If there are inquiries about sales discounts, coupons, vouchers, and other offers, the customer can call at telephone numbers given on their webpage.

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10 thoughts on “Dinafem Seeds”

  1. RIP OFF!!!!!!!
    They do not ship to the US, and then they keep your money.
    They take Bitcoin, but will not refund if they don’t ship.

  2. i’m honestly not happy with the service provided by such an online reputed company. I placed my order on the 6th of jan 2016 & it said order processing. now it’s 11th i emailed them to ask about the order & they replied to my email with a url & tracking no. which i can’t find since it looks like a advertisement site.  my status still says processing. I’ve tried calling them several times today but nobody pickup the phone or replies back to your whatsapp. someone feeling something fishy here? please help


  3. Custom avatar
    Christian Chamoun

    Firstly I’d like to say that I used to like Dinafem because I grew several seeds and they were mostly pretty good, and I respected them because they’ve been pretty reliable.
    I used to buy my seeds through large seedbanks such as Attitude, but around 1 month ago I decided to place an order directly on their website ( to encourage them because I thought they deserved it.
    My credit card was debited and my order marked as successful like all my orders normally do, but a couple days later I checked again and it was now showing “awaiting payment”.
    I tried to contact them many times and provided proof of my bank statement and screenshots of the payment that was made to their contact “pedidos”.
    But they still haven’t done anything about it.
    Dinafem, if you read this and want to resolve it please contact me and we’ll gladly work something out.
    I’m not a bad customer, quite the opposite.
    That’s a shame. It’s not about the money, it’s about the respecting loyal customers. Genetics might be good but aftersales service is non-existent.
    All I’m asking is to be treated fairly.
    I mean, you have my money and have not sent my product.
    So until further notice, I consider this as a scam,

  4. Not a BAD review, Bad would be males instead of females or “blank”/”dud” beans. My review is different. The White Widow AUTOS that have been stable & predictable in the past, are HUGE or tiny, one is 12″ tall, next to it is one stretchin my tent out, both are germ., fed. lighted the same & are strain correct & “productive”, but obviously some got WAY more ruderalis gene than others. Guess ya just nev’r know exactly what yer gonna git.


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