Dizzy Duck Marijuana Seeds

A lot of new seedbanks are sprouting on the internet right now. With the advancement of technology, people have access to high quality marijuana seeds and other weed products from around the world. Dizzy Duck Seeds is just of the many new seedbanks where you can order marijuana seeds from.

Dizzy Duck Seeds have won several awards for their strains at the Highlife Cup. The company is based in Holland and they have been breeding and growing new marijuana strains for quite some time now.
With their desire to spread their superior genetics, they have decided to sell their marijuana seed strains online to reach the world. They are still new to the industry of online selling of their marijuana seeds but they have been doing good offline.
They provide secure and safe payment methods where nothing regarding marijuana will be indicated in the bank statements of the customer. They accept major credit cards, wire transfer, and mail order. They also offer discrete shipping to protect their customers’ privacy.

They only ship to major countries in Europe like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, and Sweden. They also ship their seed items to customers in Guyana, Martinique, Palau, Guadalupe, USA, and other parts of the world.
Their products include regular, high breed and feminized marijuana seeds like Blue Shark, Bubble Kush, Choco Cheese, Chocolope-Skunkberry, Critical Dynamite, Duck 44, K.O. The Hague, Magic Mango, Master Kush, Northern Light Auto, Purple Orange, Sugar Kush, White Amnesia, White Widow Bubble, etc.
They also offer a free germination tablet with every seed purchase. They have found that the germination tablet optimizes the germination rate of the marijuana seeds. They claim that this method is by far the safest because there’s no need for you to touch or to have a manual contact with the first roots (critical roots of the marijuana plants).

Dizzy Duck Seeds

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