Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Hyper Active AKA Speed Weed

Type:  Regular, Feminized, Medical
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: Medium
Yield:  350-1000g/m2
Height:  Tall
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect: Uplifting, Intense
Flavour:  Earthy, Chestnut
THC Level:  Medium
Growing:  Medium/Hard

Hyper Active AKA Speed Weed actually a hybrid from Doggies Seeds. This marijuana has a flowering period type of photoperiod. On the other hand, it would provide you a medium level of flowering period. Also, its genetics are actually from the Jamaica and Columbia. On the other hand, it is a marijuana strain that is known for growing tall in stature. On the other hand, this marijuana strainis also known for its great genetics background from Haze, which makes it one of the reliable marijuana strains to have. This marijuana strain is actually recommended to be topped for one week before it starts to bloom.
This marijuana strain would certainly be manageable indoors. There is no added information if Hyper Active AKA Speed Weed would be applicable for greenhouse or outdoor cultivation. This marijuana strain would also give you medical uses. It has been one of the most favored plants. This is an all around performer with great psychoactive traits.