Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Cheese

Type:  Feminized
Climate: Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering: 63  days
Yield:  High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Effect: Cerebral
Flavour:  Cheese
THC Level:  Moderate
Growing:  Easy to moderate

This mostly sativa hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing the best Cheese cannabis strain available and Dutch Passion’s very own Euforia marijuana strain.   They were looking for the best hybrid cannabis strain with stable genetics and came up with the pairing of the said 2 weed strains to come up with Dutch cheese.   This strain is a versatile ganja plant that can be grown indoor and in a greenhouse type of growing system for maximum yield.
Flowering time for Dutch Seeds can be expected once it reaches 63 days on the average and the grower can expect to harvest very good amounts of highly potent cannabis buds with lots of sticky resin.   Its medium height is capable of producing very good yield especially if grown in an indoor set-up where light and dark cycle can be manipulated to induce flowering.   The effect when smoked is moderate to high depending on the tolerance level of the smoker.