Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Green Spirit

Type:  Regular, Feminized
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 60 days
Yield:  High
Height:  Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect: Clear high
Flavour:  Full taste
THC Level:  5.9%
Growing:  Easy to moderate

This indica and sativa hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing Big Bud and Skunk #1 cannabis strains.   The result is a strong weed plant with stable genetics and an evenly balanced sativa and indica properties in one weed strain.   It is ideal to be grown in an indoor growing system but can also thrive in an outdoor set-up.   In indoor type of growing, it can produce high yield using artificial lights and following the ideal light and dark cycle.
Flowering time for this strain in an indoor set-up can be expected once it reaches 60 days counted from the moment it enters the vegetation stage and harvest time for outdoor growing system is best during the 1st week of November.   It will produce buds that are large with orange to red hairs richly covered with THC crystals and sticky resin.   The effect when smoked gives a clear as well as strong high that will last for a few hours depending on the tolerance level of the smoker.