Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Feminized
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 60 days
Yield:  High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  100% Indica
Effect: Stoned
Flavour:  Earthy
THC Level:  12.3%
Growing:  Easy

This marijuana strain has its origins from USA and is the purest indica of Dutch Passion.   Its genetics is carefully chosen from the legendary Northern Lights II.   Being a 100% indica, Oasis grows to about 60-80 cms only and is therefore a very short weed plant that can be grown ideally indoors.   It is a strong and stable cannabis plant that needs only the basics of marijuana cultivation to flourish to its full potential.
Flowering time for Oasis marijuana plants can be expected once it reaches 60 days counting from the time it enters the vegetation stage and it will grow thick and plenty of buds with loads of sparkling THC crystals.   The yield is pretty decent for this strain and the grower can also expect it to emit an earthy and wood indica scent.   The effect when smoked is characterized by an excellent stoned high with an aphrodisiac hint.