Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Orange Bud

Type:  Regular, Feminized
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 56  days
Yield:  High
Height: Medium to  tall
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect: Cerebral
Flavour:  Sweet, citrus
THC Level:  16.5%
Growing:  Easy

This indica and sativa hybrid marijuana strain is a 100% original skunk variety that was selected from superb Skunk genetics dating as far back as the 80s.   Orange Bud is a highly versatile cannabis strain that can be grown whether indoor and outdoor and requires little maintenance to flourish.   Even beginners in the field of marijuana cultivation can grow this strain as long as the basics are followed.   It is also highly appropriate in a sea of green type of growing where its potential to produce potent buds is maximized.
Flowering time for Orange Bud can be expected once it reaches 56 days on the average counted from the moment it finishes germination stage.   It will grow hard and thick buds with orange hairs and lots of THC crystals extending even to its leaves.   This strain gives high yield of really potent cannabis buds.   The effect when smoked is cerebral and uplifting that is good especially for those who are always on the go.