White Lightening Marijuana Seeds

White Lightening

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 65 days
Yield: Average
Height: Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly indica
Effect: Stoned
Flavour: Smooth
THC Level:
Growing: Easy

Belonging to the white Strain courtesy of breeding The White with G13bx, White Lightening is a mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain that can grow both indoor and outdoor as well as thrive in different grow systems preferred by more advanced growers like Hydro, SOG and greenhouse type of growing techniques. This is a very accommodating weed plant that gives high yield and does not need to be maintained much. Even beginners can handle the growing needs of this ganja as long as the basics of marijuana cultivation are followed.
Flowering time for White Lightening can be expected in about 65 days and it will grow lots of compact buds with enough amounts of sticky resin. Those who will smoke this weed will experience a superb relaxing and stoned effect topping off after a few hours depending on the tolerance level of the smoker.