Missing Marijuana Seeds


Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 55 days
Yield: Average to High
Height: Medium to Tall
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: High and Stoned
Flavour: Sweet, Peach
THC Level: High
Growing: Moderate

This balanced sativa and indica hybrid marijuana strain resulted from crossing High Level and Original Blueberry. It is a strong and sturdy cannabis strain that can be grown in almost any kind of growing system whether indoor and outdoor. For its growing medium, Missing marijuana seeds are best planted on soil, coco, and in a hydro growing set-up. This strain grows to a tall height of up to 2.5 meters if grown in an outdoor environment.
Flowering time for Missing cannabis plant should be expected when it reaches 55 days on the average counted from the time it enters the vegetation stage. It will grow buds with long colas and will emit a tangerine peach scent. The effect when smoked is a combination of its sativa and indica genetics. It will give a cerebral high that is strong and will cascade into a relaxed body buzz with a happy feeling.