Berry White Marijuana Strain is the offspring of the White Widow hybrid strain and a Blueberry strain, which results in an Indica-leaning hybrid strain and the name is the combination of its both parents. Because of its high THC content level that is ranging from around 19% to 25% and has an average of 22% and paired with CBD content of 0.1%, this strain is perfect for seasoned weed consumers instead of new users. 

The results of Berry White are something you’d anticipate of an Indica-leaning combination. Berry White strain users buzz about its Indica impacts which relaxes both mind and body deeply, making it a perfect option for consumers who just want to sit and relax. Since Berry White marijuana is a hybrid, consumers often enjoy the pleasant beneficial benefits of the Sativa genes, which makes users feel elevated, joyful, and euphoric about this strain.

Growing Berry White Strain

Berry White is commonly seen as a comparatively simple strain to develop for a lot of reasons. It is normally highly resistant to powdery mildew and molds, meaning humidity levels are not as much of a problem for this strain when developing. With only mild feeding, Berry White grows well making it very easy to maintain the plant to develop.

Instinctively a Berry White crop is very small and does not need a lot of pruning to keep it under regulation. Training the crop and eliminating the lower leaves can help to give the buds further energy and increase total yield.

The Berry White marijuana seeds can be grown either in soil or hydroponically. Cultivators who are using the hydroponic system find it takes with resin development while cultivating the seeds in soil is said to improve the taste and fragrance of the crops’ blueberry. This strain survives in an outdoor environment with a dry, warm, and very sunny environment. And the flowering period of this strain is just short that is ranging from 7 to 8 weeks. The best range of temperatures for this specific crop in around 70 to 80°Fahrenheit. When harvest season in early October the outdoor growers can expect an average yield from this strain which is 18 each square meter. And the indoor grower can expect also average yields of 16 each square meter. 

Fragrance, Taste, and Appearance

The scent of Berry White marijuana strain is a high mixture of blueberries combined with salty, sweet, and earthy odors. Berry White consumers define the taste as a potent combination of blueberries and unripe berries, bringing prominent sour, spicy, and sweet tastes to the blend. These textures, coupled with their earthy wood and aromatic tastes, allow Berry White strain a delight for the sweet taste.

Appearance-wise Berry White, when finished growing, is a medium-sized marijuana crop with massive buds that are bluish in a color that may also change a purple color depending on the exact plant. Berry White marijuana strain develops a thick trichome covering of neon orange pistils that grow across the flowers.

Medical Effects of Berry White Strain

The calming properties of Berry White make this a perfect cure, especially for depression and anxiety. His capacity to ease an overactive mind and create a truly relaxing state in the body makes it a powerful cure for insomnia patients suffering.

Berry White’s optimistic, uplifting impact of smoking on one’s outlook makes it a perfect challenge for those with mood problems like depression. As well as treating migraines and joint pain, Berry White can also be effective as a cure for mild pain types. Berry White consumers rate its use as an antiemetic as just normal and state it only raises appetite moderately.

Adverse Effects

A dry mouth is the number one side effect associated with Berry White, with smokers scoring it at 10 out of 10 in terms of seriousness. The second-highest graded negative consequence is dry eyes, scoring it among smokers a 7 out of 10. Although smoking Berry White cannabis may keep you feeling profoundly comfortable, it isn’t known for creating any other strains’ negative couch-lock effect.

Since Berry White has such a high degree of THC about 22%on average, but it may be as high as 25%, more beginner users have considered this specific marijuana strain too intense, experiencing dizziness and heightened paranoia and anxiety. For more experienced marijuana consumers, this strain might be more suitable.


Berry White is also great for new growers to practice their hands in growing crops, due to its difficulty rating. You could also enjoy its buds because of its short flowering season. The Berry White marijuana strain is perfect for seasoned weed consumers because of its powerful effects. Also, this strain has a lot of benefits for both recreational and medicinal users, because of its boosting benefits that can relieve anxiety, depression, and stress.

This hybrid dominant in Indica delivers a blast. You could find yourself getting extremely tired, whereas if you suffer from sleep, might be a great idea. Smoking a strain for an hour or so is always better when you’re about to sleep, especially if it has some euphoric effects with Berry White, as the head rush can wake you up. If you catch yourself dealing with a dry mouth just make tea for yourself. Wait for it to absolutely cool off, and consume everything at once. You can note that the cottonmouth melts absolutely under no time.