BlackJack marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant, which produced the strain by combining Jock Terror and Black Domina, which was themselves their response to the popular Jack Herer. This whole cross-breeding and cautious scientific research culminated in a dominant strain with influential leanings of the Indica. This strain has remarkably high average THC levels, resulting in an outstanding strain able to handle all kinds of issues, regardless of how bad they might be.

BlackJack is a strain widely recognized for its extremely long-lasting impact, often lasting more than 5 hours daily and maintaining a reliably mellow high over the full duration. You should expect your first blackjack mouthful to seem very lackluster; your first impression, considering its excellent reputation, is probably to still be that you may have some faulty bud, or that blackjack marijuana strain is just not that nice.

BlackJack Marijuana Strain Reviews

After several moments, however, the results will start and the world will begin to crumble around you. You will start feeling heavy-headed right away, as well as generally optimistic and uplifted about the world around you. There’s also a remarkable simplicity of thinking and also an overwhelming push of determination and power which may make you feel a sudden desire to accomplish something.

There’s an enticing force that starts to take root which can cause sluggishness feelings, given the huge strength that this unexpectedly Indica strain provides. Given its 70% Indica, inside the BlackJack smoking encounter, there is a strong blend of Sativa, providing a mental high that coils around itself and keeps you in a state of intermittent wonder.

Any moderate psychedelic effects may be predicted, rather than just completely cerebral as with other strains. This can involve extreme dilation of time or polishing of senses. It may trigger some fresh to a strain to feel scared or more or less out of the depth, and that feeling’s strength goes soon.

Despite how frightening that might at first seem, this soon turns into your current reality without you even realizing it, providing a powerful sense of strangeness that seems to continue indefinitely. The thrilling combination of both time dilation and this strain’s long-lasting effects make the user feel as if they’ve spent the whole day as high as they’ve always been.

It ever-present feeling system to gather into a sense of couch-lock and deep relaxation, rendering this tension a great one to take at the end of the day or, better still, just as you arrive home from a long day. Not only will you feel uplifted and healthy, but you will eventually move into a state of complete relaxation and tranquility that will possibly correlate with only needing to even get prepared to go to bed. Let’s take a look at some of this strain’s physical details so that you can learn if it looks any good or if it’s only being used for its results.

Fragrance and Flavor of Black Jack Strain

BlackJack marijuana strain is actual buds have a shockingly gentle scent, but you’ll need to break the buds open and keep pushing them to really enjoy their fragrance.

The first mention you’ll get is the intensely strong scent of pine wood, as well as an interesting berries undertone. Often it’s hard to find a cannabis strain that smells like both berries and wood, as these are typically contrasting tastes, however with BlackJack’s entire thing comes along pretty well.

This woody characteristic carries over to its ultimate smoke, producing a thick and heavy cloud that may seem off-putting to a novice. It’s luckily quite easy to breathe in and enjoy it though. BlackJack’s flavor is surprisingly similar to its scent except that as opposed to the enduring flavor it has a different fruity sweetness.

Originally you should expect the same scent of berries and wood to reach you on a warm summer morning, like a pine tar forest. Even so, because as taste evolves then you become more sensitive to its smoke, concentrations of cream, and malt will start to be noticed, particularly on the exhale. This peculiar configuration of taste is special, allowing BlackJack worth it just for the fascinating taste experience.

With every mouthful of BlackJack, a curious concoction of berries, malt, and pinewood awaits you, so it makes perfect sense to appreciate this strain because of its special combination of flavors.

Medical Benefits 

When viewed from a medicinal viewpoint, the results of Black Jack may be much too close to several Indica-dominant hybrids. BlackJack is excellent for helping to relieve stress and anxiety with a high THC content and a strong mood-lifting effect, as well as helping to treat chronic pains.

Although this is all very common to Indica hybrid consumers, Black Jack possesses one critical attribute that is totally missing in many other strains-longevity. You should expect Black Jack’s high, and hence the effects, to last long into the night, help the consumer to experience the full force of its impacts over hours. That’s why BlackJack marijuana strain is used after long days to help relieve extreme stress and exhaustion, as the mellow, relaxing effects will continue all the way up till you’re ready for bed.

Since BlackJack doesn’t really put you to sleep, unlike other strong Indica derivatives, you can easily use Black Jack to decompress and go about your day, while treating any medical condition you need to treat with the high THC content of BlackJack marijuana strain.¬†

Another health condition that BlackJack can aid with treatment, however, was muscle spasms; while not commonly reported among many other strains, BlackJack is effective in helping to alleviate severe muscle spasms that may otherwise be very disabling. Users looking for help in this way often take BlackJack throughout their day in small doses to help keep the spasms under control.

Adverse Effects of Black Jack Strain

In the same way, as BlackJack’s early clinical results are in their familiarity almost banal, so are the side effects. You may expect dry mouth and a lesser risk of dry eyes, so be careful to have a new glass of water on tap. Many users record instances of heightened anxiety while consuming BlackJack, as well as an extended time of dizziness, so if you are susceptible to these conditions it is best for you to keep away from BlackJack or any other high THC pressure. One of the good things about cannabis strains, especially the extremely powerful ones, is that when compared with other prescription drugs, you only experience minor side effects.¬†


BlackJack is a fascinating strain because it tends to be a very bland, unoriginal strain without anything going for it. After all, once you crack the tarry, resinous bud and start trying some for yourself, you’ll encounter powerful results that will leave you on hours of reeling. Although the uplifting, powerful, Sativa-like feel is good, BlackJack’s chief attribute is how unbelievably long it will last.

Because of this exceptional durability, BlackJack marijuana strain is perfect for treating those troublesome disorders that constantly cause issues, including chronic pain or long-lasting stress feelings. If you’re looking for a strong mood uplift, trying to relieve painful conditions, and just being intrigued about deep, woody taste, Black Jack has always something to try. While at first it could look, smell and taste like any other hybrid indicia, with time and patience you’ll be rewarded with not only a strong, almost endless high, but a fantastic, rich flavor that will last almost as long as the high itself.