The widely accepted theory is that the strain is a combination of either Bubba Kush or Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush marijuana strain is a hybrid that is highly dominant in Indica. The strain’s original genetics are the topic of controversy. Although other people, however, think it’s a cross between the Afghani DJ Short and Blueberry.

As for cultivators’ identity, nobody is certain, and that’s hardly shocking considering the various stories concerning his genetics. Possibly Blackberry Kush was developed mostly during the early medicinal cannabis period in California. It looks like the modest blackberry kush marijuana strain is not getting the recognition it deserves. Which get a sweeter flavor than blueberries, are bigger than raspberries, and have no irritating pips, such as cherries or strawberries. 

Blackberry Kush marijuana strain evokes those childhood memories in both its taste and scent. It is a strong strain and is popular with both experienced and therapeutic consumers. While it does not really draw the very same degree of attention as  Blueberry and Grape Ape likes, the Blackberry Kush marijuana strain stays a common strain long just after the original release.

Appearance, Fragrance, and Taste

Blackberry Kush marijuana strain has both the usual thick Indica Kush nugs, filled with purple coating and dark green foliage. In other cases, the buds have deep purple calyxes and give a blackberry-kind look to the strain. gThe pistols that are rust-colored always stand.

The fragrance of Blackberry Kush marijuana strain could fill up and room, and it’s a real delight to the sensations. You’ll love the potently sweet aroma that resembles a fresh blackberry bucket. It is a difficult strain to oppose once you appreciate a hint of it.

Not even the taste would disappoint you. There is a heavy earthy taste of diesel, combined by sweet blueberries. The best way to explain the strain is to claim that when you inhale it tastes like a bucket of berries. On the exhale, an earthy fuel taste becomes much more evident, you could also have benefited from the beautiful flavor of the berry long after you’ve touched, as it lingers on your palate.

Growing Blackberry Kush Marijuana 

If you have your hands on seeds of Blackberry Kush, we do not suggest cultivating them outdoors. While it is resistant to spider mites, mold, and fungus can cause harm. It will impress you with a very decent harvest of  28 oz each crop if you want to take your chances and cultivate this marijuana outdoors. By mid-October, it is normally ready for harvest.

Cultivating indoors though would have been a much simpler challenge. Blackberry Kush marijuana strain typically takes a bloom of 8 to 9 weeks and it can yield about 16oz per square meter cultivated. Pay close attention to its magnesium supplementation while feeding this strain, and be glad you gave it plenty of nitrogen mostly during the increasing vegetative phase.

While using a hydroponics system is easy, try and avoid utilizing coco coir as a cultivating medium, since a magnesium deficiency is more likely to occur. One of the most visible indicators of this shortcoming is when you find that the base of your crops develops slower than normal. Another warning is if the leaves turn yellow long before the harvest and the tops appear to be burning

Make sure that during the vegetative stage, the humidity in your growing room does not reach 60%. Reduce it steadily every week so as soon as your flowers bloom; the level of humidity is reduced to 40%. If they permit the moisture to stay very high, your plants can take in fewer nutrients, leading to a number of shortcomings.

Effect of Blackberry Kush

The history of Blackberry Kush is really clear when you’re using it. It offers a range of calming effects that are almost instantly apparent to users. This strain is the best choice if you’re trying to relax because it has a numbing, narcotic impact which instantly relieves tension; a characteristic of Blackberry hybrids.

You would then experience a euphoric rush, somewhat related to Raspberry Cough, the relative of this strain. It may sound like this pressure is ideal for a night out, but in fact, the high body holds you coach-locked. We suggest consuming it late at night or in the evening as it will keep you comfortable and medicated. As far as Blackberry Kush marijuana strain falls, smoking and listening to awesome tunes inside your bedroom is a big dream.

Medicinal and Side Effects

It is a common medicinal cannabis strain, particularly for chronic pain, or patients’ insomnia, depression. The stony Indica high serves to maintain the muscles calm which is perfect if you have a problem like muscle spasms which make sure you stay up much of the evening. The impact is intense but also lovely.

Blackberry Kush marijuana strain may also actually be beneficial for people with issues with appetite. It is associated with a decrease in nausea and can also be helpful to people undergoing a wide variety of medical issues and ailments. Dehydration and dry-mouth are the most common problems. Every now and then consumers have described experiencing dizziness, and if you’re not used to smoking cannabis, you might even get a mild headache.

Generally speaking, your entire quality depends on your marijuana tolerance. Those used to cannabis Indica strains can plenty of enjoying Blackberry Kush. On the other hand, if Indica strains appear to tire you and induce couch-lock, then this strain is extremely possible to do the same!


Blackberry Kush is a strain of top-class that every enthusiast of cannabis can experiment on at least once. If you plan to cultivate it indoors kindly do so because it would be incredibly difficult to grow outdoors. Maintain low humidity, and observe out after insects like spider mites.

This will surely make enjoy the sweet flavor of the berry the moment smoke Blackberry Kush, and the scent will make you tend to be drawn toward that strain. The high is a sedative and soothing one so use this pressure only when your daily activities are complete.