Durban Poison marijuana strain is a legendary, iconic weed. With just a few of several other varieties sustaining their genetic background over time, it can genuinely be called prehistoric marijuana. As described above, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa-dominant strain with roots extending back from the south coast of Africa to a single ancestral ancestor. Full-grown pure Durban Poison does have a 100% Sativa genetic profile.

Durban Poison Marijuana Strain

   Nobody developed Genuine Durban  Poison in a lab or mistakenly thrown together. Instead, the ancestor of this strain often developed easily in present-day South Africa’s windswept plains, making it basically a form of heirloom cannabis. The Durban Poison shows treat marijuana doesn’t need a huge amount of genetic or variety in order to crossbreed to achieve an earthy effect. Durban Poison shows that weeds do not need vast quantities of sophistication or genetic cross-breeding to achieve ethereal effects; if you ever get the chance to encounter a true-to-form Durban landrace, you’ll understand that the strain offers one of the most fun – and therapeutic – highs known to man.

   The roots of this magnificent reefer are rarely questioned, and the truth stands that the Durban Poison marijuana strain is an ancient relic of the cannabis world. And while its genetics were contaminated with different cross-breeds from over years, original antique strains have only developed more strongly in terms of their THC quality, if anything. There are several explanations of why we are all fascinated with the Durban Poison strain. Some appreciate its straightforward and clear-headed high, whereas others enjoy it because of its historical roots and origins in history.

   This powerful medical cannabis strain proved that this weed essential for patients who are suffering from a wide range of illnesses, symptoms, and disorders. The reason why this strain is a best-seller in most of the dispensaries all over the United States. The laboratory examinations have proven that this has a 17-26% THC content, which is pretty surprising for a strain considering that this strain has been genetically developed in any way. 

Durban Poison: Taste, Fragrance, Effects, and Appearance

   Durban Poison marijuana’s aroma is peculiar, with a balanced and harmonious combination of sweet and spicy — equivalent to your beloved cup of strong black tea. Wait for flavors of vanilla, anise,  fennel, spiced orange, and lemon, all bound to a rich creaminess that can not beat. On the tip of your tongue, you can feel these tastes, relaxing in your body long after you have done eating this strong OG ganja. Some will say Durban is enjoyable but genuinely normal. Durban Poison marijuana strain doesn’t stink chemical smells, it’s pure mother nature that works her magic to make something very beautiful.

   Looking at Durban Poison more closely, prepare to see enormous resin glands. The presence of this expanded trait is partly what gives Durban Poison one of the highest concentrate extract options. Durban Poison’s marijuana buds are round, plump, and chunky bringing a whole new meaning to the term “tall bud.”  Also, prepare to find trichomes everywhere in the crop-these tiny stick to it because the buds themselves are just so many of them. The Durban Poison marijuana strain is color-wise with the classic cannabis Sativa look, with vivid, often ice orange buds and green pistils growing from inside the crystal-covered sugar plants.

   A balanced Durban Poison plant’s water leaves are very stunning, featuring conspicuous deep green pigmentation that adds a burst of brightness whenever it is seen; Durban Poison’s appearance, in particular, is plain and classic, yet remarkably stunning. Because of its pure Sativa biological profile, Durban Poison’s symptoms are certainly unlike anything you’ve seen – except, of course, you’re well versed in testing out strains inside the purely African Sativa group.

   Buzz is energizing and clean and does not leave your body stoned or exhausted in any way. This is partly what gives Durban Poison excellent weed any time of the day but it won’t confuse your mind or lead to losing concentration but instead keep you focused and free from pressure.

   The high is extremely mental, giving it an effective strain to ingest whenever needed, including right before strong exercises or intense exercise. You may also have heard others say the nugs work like a kind of ‘happy pill,’ raising your spirits high and overflowing your mind with euphoric, imaginative thoughts that can last the whole day.

Growing Durban Poison

   Durban Poison could become incredibly tall when grown outdoors, creating it a strain that needs an enormous amount of space except if, of course, you intend to cultivate this plant indoors with types of plant control methods.

   Because of its huge scale, only those around them who can prevent seeing the plant will try to grow these girls outdoors. There are different variants of Durban Poison with a short flowering period but these types are not authentic heirloom DP, of course.

   Overall, the Durban Poison marijuana strain is likely better cultivated in an indoor environment, ensuring the crops are given sufficient light cycles, care, and nutrients. Growing cannabis is not an incredibly difficult strain, but like any strain, if you want to produce products of the highest quality in the shop, you’ll just have put the effort in.

   Results have shown that even Durban Poison’s best successful indoor gardening method is by the use of hydroponics methods, but again you avoid interfering with purely landrace genes if you try to do something too far out of the normal is based on nutrient supplementation, etc.

   Developed outdoors, the harvesting is typically about mid-September to late October, so schedule your timing accordingly when growing outdoors. You can predict about such a 16oz yield for each plant from well developed Durban Poison marijuana when developed outdoors, or around 13 oz yield each square meter when cultivated indoor setups.

   Durban Poison marijuana strain is a good choice for anyone trying to grow only one plant, as it is fairly easy to cultivate and the yield is fair. Durban Poison also appears to be very resistant to bugs, mold, and other insects, making this strain a great warrior and thus an even better growing candidate if you’re a real novice. And finally, for most daytime activities, the high is very multidimensional and fun, and also for the night, making it an amazing medication to always have onboard – no matter what illness or medical ailment you seek to treat.