Facts About Flo Marijuana Strain

Today, we’re going to explore some facts about the famous strain of the Flo Weed Strain. Officially known as a form of hybrid strain, Flo is a 60 percent Sativa, 40 percent Indica cannabis variety that retains an eloquent blend that is preferred across the globe by marijuana users. With genetic roots from two genius strains of landrace, Afghani Indica, and Purple Thai Sativa, which makes sense for parents like these to make such a delightful sort of strain.

With a marginally dominant Sativa influence, Flo Marijuana Strain is a hybrid form of cannabis. Flo has a sweet citrus flavor, a calming yet delicate enjoyment for the taste buds, with a faint pine-like hint. The scent, not unlike menthol, is a little bitter, but with a delightful lemon whisper; quite a distinct fragrance.

Flo marijuana strain has a wide variety of uses for medicinal purposes. Flo will prove to be a fast and effective migraine cure. In easing arthritis pain, it is also helpful. The strain is beneficial in managing anxiety as well as ADHD and Bipolar Disorder-related symptoms. Often, Flo is known to help alleviate stress. Flo’s results are defined as lively and subtle, making it perfect as a wake and bake for many. For artistic types, Flo may offer a perfect lift, inspiring creativity for both artists and musicians.

Typically, the industry norm calls for a high THC level, but this is an environment where Flo actually stands out; with an average THC content of just 14-18 percent, this form of weed is not known to get you intensely stoned with only one or two hits. Instead, what makes it so attractive is the “way” Flo is able to get the customer big. Additionally, the marginally lower than normal THC concentration is actually acceptable for those who prefer their pot to have fewer side effects, and can also be a more manageable high.

Growing Information about Flor Marijuana

For growing, the Flo marijuana strain is very favored, because not only is the crop low maintenance, it is also high-yielding, ensuring less effort for those who choose to cultivate Flo marijuana with a greater outcome. In sunny and dry climates, regions of similar environments to Southern California, Flo tends to grow better. But with these forms of outdoor growth environments, those who are not fortunate may prefer to cultivate this strain indoors.

It is very easy to grow Flo, which naturally can resist to usual molds and mildews, particularly if you have built a fast system to track the health of your plants. Although Flo is a hybrid variety, its yields are more similar to a steadily growing Sativa, with an average of around 18 ounces of fresh herb per square meter (indoors) and about 21 ounces of herb per plant when outdoors.

This kind of yield is certainly above average, which can be a cause to cheer for those with this strain who have begun their rising journey. Since this is also known as the cannabis type that has an 8th-9th week for its flowering period, you might expect an outdoor yield to be ready for harvest about late September to early October.

Effects of Flo Marijuana

Artists and innovators alike consider Flo weed as a great means of jump-starting the artistic experience. Flo’s big, though, is also elevating in addition to encouraging creative growth and promotes enjoyment, contentment, and general elation.

The 40 percent Indica factor works as a means of calming the 60 percent Sativa, making the pressure creep marginally on you but still influencing the mind in a manner that helps you to go about your own day without being inconvenient. Often, Sativa-dominant strains may sound like a sudden blow, but with Flo, which has a far more moderate approach, that is not the situation.

The big, however, is effective and delivers a “floaty” feeling matched with fun, soothing vibes. The head is vivid, lively, and colorful, which will appeal to those who hope to embark on a mental trip with their weed.

Medical Benefits of Flo Strain

It is quick to see instantly that Flo pot is a medical strain, which means that millions have turned to its healing skills for relaxation. Numerous sources say that Flo’s ability to cope with chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, inflammation, and other aches and pains are second to none, known for functioning as a superb pain extinguisher.

This hemp strain is also known to cause munchies, in addition to enhancing the physical condition of the body, which ensures it produces a genius appetite stimulant that can function well for those who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia.

In addition, this form of weed is known for its positive impact on the mind, and it may also help relieve anxiety, depression, and persistent stress because it usually increases contentment, pleasure, and elation.

Finally, whether the tiredness is linked to neurological illness or is an isolated situation, those who frequently feel tired or fatigued, or may even have been diagnosed with chronic exhaustion, may receive some relief with Flo. Because Flo does not have insane levels of THC, modest doses are sufficient for most patients, although those with extreme physical pain will choose to increase their dosage.

Possible Adverse Effects

With its extreme side effects throughout the entire effect, you can expect this marijuana strain adverse effect is dehydration, dry mouth, and itchy or dry eyes, which is tolerable with just a little extra care and advance planning. Dry mouth and dehydration are unlikely to be annoying if you remember to drink plenty of hydrating water before, during, and during your high, for example. Consuming enough water often ensures that the risk of feeling grogginess or headaches the following day would decrease. Only have a refillable bottle close by, and set a mental note to fill it back up until you realize that the water levels are going down. This will help maintain the levels of hydration where they need to be.

Often, you will be able to irritate eyes or relieve dryness in a couple of minutes by ordering a tube of wet eye drops in advance from the nearest drug store or pharmacy, and once they appear to get bothersome again, simply re-apply. Having these falls stashed is a smart idea because you can still have some on hand if you need them.

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