Facts About Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

A delightful offspring of Mendocino Purps, Original Afghani, and Skunk, this full-body Indica makes it a quite exciting bud to engage in. Grape Ape marijuana strain packs about 18 to 21% THC, however, given its fruity appearance. You can, therefore, expect a high as yummy as they flavor, featuring impacts on both the body and the mind.

The strain was originally cultivated by Barney’s Farm and Apothecary Genetics  It’s a heavy bud that provides a dense, heavy high, ideally lending itself to a range of medical issues. If you love to settle down with a film and a blanket and pop a Grape Ape bag. It is a mellow, soothing experience not to be missed.

Growing Grape Ape Marijuana

Cultivators tend to consider this cannabis strain with moderate complexity, and inexperienced growers may find this to work with a challenging bud.

Grape Ape can be successfully cultivated outdoors. You can probably see that the high resistance to both infections as well as harmful pests proves its value. Grape Ape provides very generously when it is managed to keep in the best of conditions outside. This can produce about 28 ounces of beautiful purple bud for each plant and is typically ready to be harvested from late September or early October.

If you’re going to develop Grape Ape inside, cultivation should be fairly simple. Nevertheless, this bud is likely to grow outward in true Indica form with bushy and heavy lateral branches, which will require some professional maintenance work to keep it under control.

Do not worry if you find yourself low on the indoor area – these crops rarely reach 4 feet tall. In addition, the wider leaves at the top of the crop can be trimmed down to allow light to enter the bottom portion.

This strain can blossom indoors and also be ready to be harvested within 7-8 weeks of the estimated time. Grape Ape marijuana strain can yield approximately 16 ounces each square meter when it is indoor-care.

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma of Grape Ape Strain

How are we going to continue on Grape Ape? One thing that can be said unquestionably about this flower, is that it is strikingly stunning in any way. While the Grape Ape marijuana strain does not usually grow very tall, it is a favorite among enthusiasts and growers due to its distinctive appearance and large buds.

Grape Ape marijuana strain is characterized by multi-layered fragrance and outstanding colors— this is a strain with several “bag appeal” than most consumers. Buds are wide and have tightly curled leaves with a thick bud structure. The plants themselves are a deep green, with some phenotypes expressing shades of red and purple throughout, with its copper-hued pistils. The count of trichomes varies from small to high, making the flowers particularly sticky. The multi-colored foliage is also quite pungent: from the chunky buds wafts a sweets-like grape odor. Cutting open the sticky flower with a grinder brings off a distinct odor, with certain skunky musk from of the mother Skunk # 1 and more of a heavy Afghani hash smell. Nonetheless, when inhaled, Grape Ape’s bit of unfair smoke tastes quite fruity rather skunky — grape notes and berries predominate, creating a sweet feel at the tip of the palate. 

You won’t need much to feel pleased with a somewhat sickly sweet taste. This is perfect, when it comes to its peak, a little Grape Ape could go a long way too!

Effects of Grape Ape Strain

The one is packing a big punch. Grape Ape is a great stress reliever, being almost pure Indica, causing a deep state of relaxation blended with a mild euphoria that is sure to wake up all the happy chemicals.

Grape Ape is indeed ideal before bedtime, because of its capacity to make you comfortable and ready for a refreshing night of rest. When you smoke a bit too hard, you will get a pretty strong couch-lock, which will make you want to sit in one spot and embrace the cerebral impact.

This pressure calms consistently and will help you forget all of the day’s stresses. The Grape Ape mental high is incredibly strong but simple to relieve. This Indica also will cause you to stick your head in the refrigerator in need of something to satisfy the munchies, which will make all of your snacks taste extra good.

Medical Wine Ape Hemp Strain Benefits

The height of that Indica-dominant combination is interesting. Though most say it knocks them out for the night, others report a strong, clear-headed, soothing night. What we know for sure is that you can see a bit too much for hours couch-locked, so if that’s not your objective, walk carefully!

You must not consider Grape Ape marijuana strain overpowering too much and don’t underestimate its high potency. Consumers also define this as total-bodied, keeping the body and mind relaxed and spacious. After all, a bud for night smoking, people living with insomnia will benefit considerably from the Grape Ape sedative effects.

Thanks to its useful pain-relieving properties, patients can apply Grape Ape to a variety of conditions. After an intense workout, many athletes turn to this, to relieve muscle pain and soreness. If you’re having difficulties with depression, anxiety,  or PTSD, this Indica’s calming effects can be an ideal way to relax and unwind. It tends to leave you in a state of pleasant, deep reflection which you will enjoy. For a lovely mix of euphoric relaxation. Just note, to begin with just a little bit of grape ape too much can be disorientating.

  • CBD Content: Highest Test

For a strain high in THC, this strain has very average CBD rates. nIt seldom exceeds 1%, with moderate content of approximately 0.6%. That being said, the Grape Ape marijuana strain still has a certain use as a strain of medical cannabis.

  • THC Content: Highest Test

Grape Ape is a relatively strong strain with a moderate THC of 18-21%. Novices should slowly begin avoiding unwanted side effects.

Possible Adverse Effects of Grape Ape

Like we said earlier Grape Ape marijuana strain could lead to disorientation in heavy doses. As with most strains, we advise you not to consume too much and will also suggest that newbies take special precautions with dosing. Unlike other varieties of marijuana, Grape Ape is likely to give you red eyes and a dry mouth, which you can remedy with a beverage at hand. Another way to counter this annoying side effect is to periodically remove yourself from a smokey room.

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