With remarkably popular genetic parents like Skunk # 1, Northern Lights, and Afghani, Ice marijuana strain that is a perfect example of a long-term hard-developing completed, final product. Ice marijuana strain feels like such a strain that has reached the peak of its possible growth, with an exceptionally high THC level and a huge amount of white trichomes to strap.

These white trichomes are what brings Ice its title, as the sheer amount of white trichomes makes the bud look like a tiny ball of perfectly chipped ice — just to explain this is not really enough, as it looks like such a miniature snowball that has formed somehow on a cannabis plant.

This strain is a relatively normal 50% Indica and 50% Sativa hybrid combination, with an odd set of results that seem to take turns on your body. You’ll suddenly experience a deep euphoria and powerful feeling of energy and a creative burst at the beginning of the Peak. It’s hard not to have to get up right away and start doing anything or creating something.

Ice marijuana strain is one of the strongest ways to try and connect with those around you socially, as its strong surge of energy not only inspires you and begins creating stuff but also to chat and appreciate those around you.

This transparency and simmering energy are starting to adjust and move as the high continues, starting to take the form of traditional Indica symptoms, causing huge relief from any tension or anxiety that you experience. The relief is now almost immediate, feeling general happiness and calmness like a sudden wash of good feeling. This sensation is often followed by a significant rise in appetite, that takes over very rapidly and is commonly known as the munchies – making sure you have a lot of treats on hand!

Ice marijuana strain is an unusual strain in that its results are very different depending on the amount you imbibe – if you only consume a small amount at once, you’ll consider yourself extremely open, talkative, and sociable, much more so than if you take a huge amount of it.

Even so, this strong strain causes a climax of emotions in higher doses which makes it virtually impossible to stay social over a certain stage. While you will actually feel nice and simple to just get on with, the strength of the high THC material will begin to kick in after a while, and you’ll find yourself gazing in the distance vacantly, unable to manage some kind of complex thinking. This distinctly narcotic influence makes it a great pressure to enjoy in the evening or while trying to zone out when watching something; however, this does not make it the best choice to take throughout the day, as you can soon realize that you just don’t really have much of a day left.

Features: Fragrance, Taste, and Appearance 

Ice marijuana is often mistaken for an Ice Cream strain, that has a very sweet and immediately recognizable scent – it often enables individuals to an extreme shock when they get an Ice whiff for the first time, because it’s totally different. Like several hybrid strains in their genetics with Skunk, Ice does have an obvious scent of petrol that is somewhat like stepping into a fuel station at a truck stop. It unexpectedly and violently reaches you, almost shocking in its taste. There is also an occasional note of fragile sweetness only at the back of the throat once you get the first sniff, especially when you open the buds for the very first snap, however, the predominant fragrance is one of extreme petrol, and also a touch of burning wood.

While Ice has a distinctly fuel-like aroma, its taste is mainly that of burned hash. Although the hash flavor and the fuel smell are sometimes deemed one so the same, the real hash taste is much richer, more efficient, and more complex than the clarity of the fuel scent. When this strain is burnt, the white trichomes first catch and ignite into every smoke, burning, and powerful smoke, that is very close to the purest, finest, hash you will get. Indeed, Ice marijuana is a strain that is sometimes incorporated into a hash, so it makes more sense for it to have had such a hash-like flavor and texture.

The visible physical attribute instantly visible with Ice is the sheer amount of strong white trichomes. This white cloud covers the ice buds entirely, giving it an almost cloud-like look and appearance. These white trichomes occur only if the bud is well-tended for and thoroughly dried, so you can encounter any Ice bud that loses its signature white coating since you would never want to.

The huge surface area of white trichomes provides Ice this same image of ice; it looks like a tiny, sliced ice ball that was recently brought into the snow, looking at the same time somehow both delicate and heavy.

Cultivating Information 

Ice is a pretty standard strain in terms of specialized cultivating knowledge; you could develop it outdoors or indoors, and the temperature range is remarkably wide. Some incredibly high yields of about 450 g each square meter of indoor growth can be expected, with the total crop height being about a meter tall.

This makes developing indoors or outdoors in a hidden developing op perfect because its low height makes it incredibly easy to conceal. Through practicing good topping you will shorten it, even more, which implies snipping the very top of the new growth if it wants to overwhelm the other plants. This also encourages more lateral development, which is only a positive thing for the rest of the cola production of the plant-more sunlight means even more available bud! 

Besides that, however you like, you can develop Ice marijuana strain, as it has no sophisticated nutritional needs of any kind; as long as you’re getting proper care of it, you can possibly handle it in any way you want. The only other thing you need to remember is to make sure that the actual, processed product is properly dried. If after you take the colas out of the crop you don’t dry it in time, therefore the white trichomes won’t get the chance to grow properly but will probably only drop away.

Medical and Side Effects of Ice Marijuana Strain

So far the Ice strain’s most common medical purpose is in the treatment of depression. You may stop the suicidal thoughts and constant mental issues of getting depression through being able to smoke Ice with your own or with buddies and feel absolutely, fully comfortable, and also in touch with yourself.

While it is not a cure, by helping them to avoid dwelling on their negative feelings, Ice will help numerous people cope with their mental illnesses like depression, and also anxiety. The key explanation for this is Ice’s potent mix of cannabinoids with a heavy emphasis on THC, enabling the brain to release supportive, mood-lifting neurochemicals that foster optimistic thinking and happier moods. This is the same reason why Ice is excellent at battling pain, as it can help inhibit the body’s sensation of pain through the high THC content. In this pressure, there is also an aspect of the munchies that can help motivate you to consume more food and relieve a lack of appetite due to other medical procedures or disordered eating.

And course, there will still be some side effects you have to experience if you want to reap all of the benefits of the Ice marijuana strain pressure, then let’s take a closer look at the few symptoms that are most likely. Sudden onset of dizziness is by far the most frequently recorded possible problem with the Ice marijuana strain – this usually happens when people who use Ice strain for the first time very quickly drink a huge amount of this at once.

Since Ice is a heavy strain with a high content of THC due to its white trichomes, you don’t need as much as you think you are doing – this triggers a sudden outbreak of dizziness which can make you feel like you’re going to tip over. When that happens to you, try to find a chair or just relax for a bit, as it will pass soon. Much better, ensure you don’t start getting too much ice and you’ll likely be alright.

There is a very high risk that you might encounter dry eyes and dry mouth, as is almost always the case for any cannabis strain with such a high THC content, so just have a glass of water on hand making sure that you can handle it as it begins to develop. Besides that, as long as you use it responsibly and don’t overdo it, there are few drawbacks to using Ice.