Facts About J1 Marijuana Strain

 This strain is known for its strong yet straightforward-headed high, making it the perfect option for weed smokers who enjoy “waking up and baking.” J1 marijuana strain is a Sativa-leaning hybrid that is the descendant of the Skunk No. 1 hybrid and Jack Herer Sativa. J1 marijuana strain will leave you feeling euphoric, joyful, and uplifted as well as enthusiastic and concentrated, ready to face any difficulties you may encounter.  This really is probably not a weed you would like to hit on it before going to sleep!

J1 does have a high content of THC ranging from 18 to 23%, which could make this strain more appropriate for a more seasoned marijuana smoker than just a beginner. The high THC content of J1 is balanced by a CBD level of approximately 0.01%.

J1 ‘s scent is a pungent combination of citrus elements with such a deep earthiness. The fragrance will spread around instead of scent your entire space, producing a fresh fragrance for your entire room, so it’s best to smoke outside if this strong smell seems troubling. The citrus scent transfers to taste as consumers should anticipate a deliciously tart, sweet hop to taste buds, with such a spicy, crisp inhalation, and a delightfully pleasant exhalation.

J1 ‘s results are heady and full of steam. Many users would agree that J1 marijuana is a strain that helps clear the mind. Combined with the intense rush this mental insight makes J1 a good strain on artistic people. A perfect choice for a wake-up and cook workout, the J1 marijuana strain had you prepared to undertake the day without slowing down. If you’re considering a little smoking before going to sleep, this would be the bad strain choice.

Cultivating J1 Marijuana Strain

J1 strain is regarded as having moderate difficulty growing. For the beginner grower with little to no experience because this strain is probably not one for a variety of reasons. I J1 marijuana strain can be cultivated outdoors or indoors as well as you develop it in a diverse medium of good soil. Developing a  J1 strain in a nutrient-rich, high-quality soil such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus would also help improve its flavors.

The buds of a J1 plant are closely packed together so good air circulation is very necessary for your grow space. The kind of air conditioning system that you are using to grow indoors can vary between surprisingly straightforward installation, including one that includes intake and exhaust machines as well as pressurized fans. A skilled indoor cultivator may decide on a much more complicated system that also involves dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and equipment for enriching carbon dioxide.

Any kind of indoor air vents you’re using, your goal should be to keep the humidity and temperature level in the ideal temperature while delivering the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis to your J1 plant. For such a J1 marijuana strain the ideal temperature would be between 68 to 80 ° Fahrenheit. For you to prevent growing mildew and mold on your crop, it is suggested to always monitor the level of humidity of your growing space. Unlike the other strain, the J1 marijuana strain prefers lesser humidity when in the vegetative period, and on its flowering period, make sure that your humidity level is always at 40%.

This crop prefers to be grown outdoors because of its warm and dry environment, and it is necessary to grow in a dry place where it can’t be exposed to rain. It can be the flower for around 8 to 9 weeks, and it’s ideal harvesting time is around September.  The good thing about these crops is after your effort and hard work in growing this it can generate a moderate to a high yield potent strain. 

Medical Benefit Of J1 Strain

J1 is known for its several health benefits, allowing this strain a safe option for a smoker of medical marijuana. The uplifting effect of J1 enables this strain the best antidote for anxiety and mood changes such as depression. The re-energizing sensation J1 marijuana strain gives you making this strain a perfect energy booster for chronic fatigue sufferers.

Since J1 marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant strain, it’s much less efficient at relieving pain than other, somewhat Indica-dominant varieties out there. J1 ‘s potential to improve appetite and its use as an antiemetic also is valued very low, so medicinal marijuana smokers seeking to alleviate these effects won’t find any relief through consuming J1 marijuana.

Adverse Effect 

The main adverse effect identified with the J1 strain is that in people unaccustomed to more active strains this can cause enormous anxiety. It can also cause moderate dry eyes and dry mouth. After consuming this strain several J1 smokers have reported feeling a bit dizzy. In rare instances, users have said they got a slight headache from smoking the J1 marijuana strain.


It is indeed simple to see why between marijuana users the J1 marijuana strain is becoming incredibly popular. Its efficiency in improving not only your mood but also your activity levels while establishing a positive concentration makes this a perfect strain for the recreational user who wants a “wake and bake.” Clearly, these therapeutic effects also help the medicinal marijuana user who tries to relieve chronic fatigue, depression symptoms, and stress.

The effect of the J1 marijuana strain has been identified as being imaginative and clear-headed. For the creative and artistic types who want to improve their hobbies or work from a creative perspective, the reviewers claim it is best used. J1 strain is known to be an outstanding wake-and-bake pressure like some have reported fatigue relief. Consumers have encountered relaxation from thinking about biking and gained creative motivation. 

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