Among cannabis lovers, Jack the Ripper marijuana is largely viewed as the premier hybrid of iconic marijuana purebreds Subcool’s the Dank. Jack the Ripper was reportedly created, frequently appended to JTR, to make Subcool’s Jack’s cleaning solution in grain-form. The strain of Jack the Ripper takes its name from the strange mass murderer that tormented England in 1888. With several marijuana strains around here, the said strain definitely is among the most noteworthy identities. Instead of a tragic tribute to an infamous serial killer, the name of this strain notes more to the bloodline, and its effects were also quick-acting.

A lot of people define Jack the Ripper marijuana as one of the quickest-acting varieties of Lemon Haze on the market currently. Jack in the name of JTR as it is a cross of the Cleaner version of Jack. Subcool hit that clone with a male equivalent of a Space Queen strain, the Space Dude hilariously named.

The Jack the Ripper marijuana is becoming incredibly popular and can be found at most recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries on the West Coast. Usually, JTR is accessible as extracts, edibles, sweets, gummies much more at dispensaries. The content of this THC tends to make JTR a mildly powerful strain. Because of the fast onset of the energizing and uplifting effects of JTR, a lot of people praise it as an exceptional cheer-and-bake strain.

Novices should tread lightly with Jack the Ripper though, and be careful not to over-consume this relatively powerful strain. More experienced marijuana users will probably endure and appreciate the stimulating, inspiring Sativa-dominant impacts of JTR better. Most of these find that the cerebral impacts of Jack the Ripper marijuana can result in much more creative and abstract. Hence, creative people willing to look for just a little motivation could perhaps discover this strain helpful to get their taste buds to circulate.

Fragrance, Taste, and Appearance of JTR Strain

The time Jack the Ripper marijuana is smoked his savory flavor is easily recognizable instantly. Jack the Ripper has a noticeable creamy, tangy taste at inhaling. After exhaling, a sweet aftertaste of lemony is nicely accompanied by earthy hints and new pine. In addition to its name, the scent of Jack the Ripper marijuana is similarly unique and enjoyable. A powerful lemony zest combined with a hint of pine and spice adds a brilliantly fragrant scent towards this strain.  A level headed crop named Jack the Ripper prosperous times triangle-shaped buds which are strongly wrapped in pungent trichomes. Usually the Jack the Ripper marijuana reaches approximately 65 inches tall when fully developed.

Growing Jack the Ripper

A Jack the Ripper crop could be developed effectively outdoors and indoors. If you wish to develop this crop outdoors, though, bear in mind that it requires lots of suns. Seasoned JTR growers assume these plants require to be cultivated in a protected place. Though some view JTR as a sturdy plant able to survive in colder weather, it is better to avoid revealing it to colder weather.

Usually, a JTR plant developed indoors flowers around 8 to 9 weeks and yields 9 oz each square meter. This crop is ready to harvest outdoors in late September or October. Take an average yield of about 13 ounces for every crop.

Medical Benefits of JTR

Although Jack the Ripper strain is frequently used for recreational purposes, it is largely viewed as a strain of medical cannabis of high quality. The uplifting and mental state-enhancing impacts of JTR make it a company fave for those desiring depression and stress management.

Allegedly the Jack the Ripper strain also has an analgesic effect and several use it to help relieve chronic diseases. Some of Jack the Ripper’s painful situations involve migraines, arthritis, and back pain. Please note that some discover that JTR provides people the “munchies,” so when you’re on a diet wanting to lose weight, be mindful.

THC and CBD Content

As previously mentioned, Jack the Ripper has a THC level of approximately 15-20%. Some assume its THC content of Jack the Ripper could even reach the peak 20s. Even then, the majority believe that 20% for Jack the Ripper’s THC content is a more precise upper-end character.

A less contentious issue is Jack the Ripper’s CBD content. The reason why this JTR only have minimum amounts of cannabidiol. With the Jack the Ripper strain, you’re looking at a CBD content of approximately 0.20%.

Possible Adverse Effect

Jack the Ripper marijuana does have adverse side effects to it. Dry mouth (cottonmouth), and dry eyes are the most frequently reported negative effects. After consuming Jack the Ripper you’ll certainly feel dehydrated and thirsty.

Be prepared for dry eyes that may get tight or annoyed, too. None of those more common symptoms are a matter of concern. With just a little additional planning and preparation they are both handy. Please note however that after consuming JTR, a few other people develop slight paranoia. This may be due to the increased High THC of JTR, or through utilizing too much of that strain with one seated.

Some individuals are quite sensitive to THC; in those diagnosed with a mood disorder, this is popular. If users understand you’re delicate with THC, you’ll need to know your rights and be cautious about how much you’re consuming.

Some other side effects of Jack the Ripper include increased dizziness, anxiety, and headaches. These less common adverse reactions should be avoided by the most experienced marijuana consumers who are sensible.


The Jack the Ripper marijuana is a Sativa-dominant high-quality hybrid enjoyed by a lot of recreational marijuana users.  The quick-acting, energizing and  uplifting effects of JTR have decided to make it a very popular option for those that like to have “wake-and-bake.”

Jack the Ripper often provides a few suspected health benefits to the therapeutic consumer. Even so, patients with medical cannabis must be aware of the mildly high level of THC and low content of CBD at JTR.