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Facts About Jager Marijuana Strain

jager marijuana strain

Does jager ring the bell to you? Are you familiar with the famous German alcohol brand? Well, this marijuana strain is after that famous brand name jager for a reason that it actually tastes like that beverage with goldenseal elderberry scent and with super great taste.  Through vaping and sipping it inside a flower  vaporizer, the flavor tastes so overwhelming licorice.  With the irresistibly strong indica effect, but as well have a touch of sativa that could make you carry on your daily routine without tuning out. Just like your fantasies, Jager stays as mysteriously strange  as the famous Jagermeister.

Just like the other strain, their origin and history is incomprehensive. They just use to call it jager in relation to the alcohol with the savory taste of redoubtable, influential and strong strain. It possesses a large, big, round and thick sprout. With the esthetic combination of shaded green and purple tone on the top of the leaves.  And the most assay jagger sprout in the society is the strain which acquires the purple tint, regardless with its ordinary produce of growing procedure and techniques, which you have to expose the plants overnight in a cool temperature for a little while. The same as the Hindu Kush, this strain is an adaptation of the same family. 

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

Effects of Jager Marijuana Strain

When you hear about jager the first thing that comes into your mind is the drink. And just like that beverage this strain can knock you out to sleep. Coming from the dominant hybrid of indica strain, the breed originated in Southern Oregon of the United States. Because of its musty strain it becomes famous to the public and to the recognition of cannabis genetics. The effect of this strain is mimicking of what the Hindu Kush possesses, that’s why people concluded that they derive from the same ancestry. This strain contains the strong combination of sativa and indica effects with its 80/20 indica dominant hybrid the taste results in its great savor. Its indica genetics stands out strong over sativa the ready why it is compatible during the night kind of marijuana strains. 

Jager Genetics

As mentioned above, Jager strains’ origin is still unknown or still a mystery to everyone. The debate is ongoing if it really comes from the Hindu Kush family or any other kinds of strain. The evidence of purple tint of the leaves does not really provide as the main basis to identify its origin, for they just simply appear due to the kinds of growing techniques they provide. Does not even a touch of natural shade of purple strain just like how the Granddaddy purple takes over. Though the history or origin may seem unknown, it is usually associated with some strains like Blue Dream X LA Confidential and Hindu Kush. Most of the people may conclude  that it is a lineage of the Hindu Kush as well others do think that it comes from the offsprings of Blue Dream X LA confidential. 

Jager THC Percentage

Jager possesses much more power content unlike any others of the strain like the average  Indica dominant strain which only has 12.5% THC content. It is not generally strong, and the certainly high relaxing and calmliness means indica dominant hybrid, and also does not really fully ruin your mind. Jager can only grow or its physical composition only takes at the average of 20% THC up to the maximum growth or phenotype of 23%.  It was only the estimated mid range potency of this strain, over passing the 25% percent should be contemplated as very strong. The medium potency is a rated of 15-25%. 

Jager Taste and Aroma

With a present of berry flavor surely you will immediately identify it as a Jager strain. Somehow this makes it very well known and famous providing this heavenly scent and taste. The reason why people recognize it as a Blue dream as its origin is because of its taste. Which is very famous for its trademark great savor of berry. For its everlasting and tastily flavor you have to pulverize it to emphasize its taste buds especially when vapin it inside the flower vaporizer. Instead of having a sip in a blunt or a joint manner, try to vape in flower vaporizers for it highlights the taste and is way too much healthier than the prior. For a reason that none of the burning parts of the plant were found as well no side effect when the time of inhaling it. 

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

In resemblance with the real jager, this sprout has a natural earthy smell lingering in your system, which is very rich in elderberry rosehip the moment you exhale resulting in a spirited intensely sweet with the touch of citrus pine at the moment. Abundant in a deep purple below shade, blazing fuzzy orange tint, with a scattered crystal clear fine trichomes, these sprouts have extended narrow sprinkle form and possess a natural green bud. Just like the other drinks, this is distinguished by a full figured  indica effect that leisurely squirm on that strikes in advance. After you will experience the soothing feeling of cloud night in both physical and mental towards thoughtfulness oblivious. In this state you do not really feel entirely pacified, preferably enchantedly blythe affection. This is also the reason why jager becomes common to aid those suffering from muscle spasms, tremors, inflammation and chronic pain. 

Jager Strain Good for Some Health Conditions

This high is distinguished by heavy indica effects which move on gradually before affecting you like other drinks. Suddenly, with impulses towards introspection and being dreamy, you can feel absolutely comfortable in both body and mind. In this condition, you will not be absolutely sedated—rather, just delightfully out of it. Owing to these results, insomnia, chronic pain, tremors, stress, inflammation, and muscle spasms are frequently treated by Jager strain.

Other information about Jager Strain

Jager marijuana strain is the option in the making of concentrates especially whenever there is scarcity or not enough amount. For a reason that you can consume 1/10th level of mass of the herbs in the process of making the Butane Hash Oil. take note that making BHO is strictly prohibited for it is very dangerous. 

Compared to the manufacturing of Butane Hash Oil, making edibles is substantially effortless. The making of extremely potent edibles is very much calm and uncomplicated. You must have two take note the two best elements in the making of edible which are: 

  • Decarboxylate your cannabis 
  • Mix the decarbed weed with oil or a fat 

Your cannabis would probably be on trash if you neglected to follow these steps. The reason for the Decarboxylation to exist is basically it activates your weed THC, the reason why your are high, the thing that raw weeds do not possess. 

Similar to the real Jager, the flowers have a scent of soft oaky and a touch of piney lemon that often appears deeply soft with a touch of rich licorice upon exhalation. These flowers have long sheared green tree pepper-shaped bristles with heavy deep purple undercurrents, fiery flame fur, and a finely spreading coating of fine transparent trichomes of crystal. Which is very eye pleasing and aesthetically pure which does not have any of the bearing on its effects. It beautifies and emphasizes the appearance of the leaves. 


Note that the effect of this indica dominant hybrid is carelessly fantastic in the entire system. By taking the first ever hit you will immediately feel the composure relax that melts away your stress, followed by the very relaxing feeling, until you dooze into sleepy high. On the other hand, jager has an intellectual liveliness inside to make sure that you will not feel too lifeless. Jager marijuana strain could be your best friend for those enemies of  insomnia, discomfort, stress, and pain, now grab your pack now.

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