A very Indica-dominant hybrid strain is the Mango marijuana strain, and its exact origins are debated. It was apparently developed by a hippy in the 1960s and the strain that we are using today is essentially a blend of the original mango marijuana strain with Afghani and KC33; a combination that was first tried in 1991. The strain took third place in the Best Indica classification at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup and celebrated a revival in 2009 once it was called one of the top seeds of the year for the paper. This is a strain recognized for its stunning tropical fragrance and massive buds.

Cultivating Mango Strain

When Mango strain seeds are in place, patience is essential. It’s a plant considered to be a slow starter, but once it starts, you’ll find it sprouts so fast you’ll think it’s grown up next to your eyes! Inevitably it develops with incredibly dense buds and flowers to a respectable height (about one meter).

In addition, the buds are sometimes as big as just a softball so the crops may need some extra help. When developing indoors, you can reduce the flowering period to 7-9 weeks if you use the SOG process. Please ensure you periodically prune the crop to monitor the spurt of rapid growth. If you want to cultivate your marijuana indoors, the planting can yield up to 9 oz of bud each square meter.

If you develop Mango marijuana strain outdoors you could experience a far greater yield (close to 24 oz each plant). The strain is usually ready for harvest by the end of September. If you do have an outdoor plant but need the crops to remain at a medium build, start to grow indoors and trim the vegetative phase to 3 weeks before the outdoor transplant. If you reside in the Northern hemisphere you can switch the plants out as late as July.

It’s imperative to cure and dry it properly after harvesting Mango marijuana if you really want the herb to taste delicious and be active. Preferably, you can hang your crops upside down in a room with between 55% to 62% Relative Humidity (RH). Enable the buds to dry up to one week, and put them in plastic tubs. Open-jar initially once a day for a few minutes. After a couple of days, opening the jars once every couple of days is perfect. The longer you keep the marijuana in the pots, the more the Mango marijuana strain becomes tasty.

Features: Taste, Scent, and Appearance

The tropical taste blends on the intake with such a creamy lemon flavor which makes everything look like your cherishing a dessert rather than marijuana. Mango excites the tongue of sweet and sour flavors, as well as the flavor of sour mango, remains both on the lips and on the inside of the mouth. There is even a hint of an aftertaste of the earthy and citrus.

Mango marijuana strain lives up to expectations in the stakes of the aroma with a wonderful fruity scent that is a mixture of citrus, mango, and an earthy fragrance that surrounds a room. Everything that takes to be lured into is a single hint of that strain.

The tropical taste blends on the inhale with a creamy lemon flavor which looks like you’re consuming a dessert instead of weed. Mango excites the tongue of sweet and sour flavors, and the taste of sour mango endures both on the lips and on and inside the mouth. There is even a bit of an aftertaste of the citrus and earthy.


Mango’s high level of CBD ensures you do not get distracted mostly by big Mango. In reality, it was among the best enjoyable highs you’ll experience. You could almost instantly feel relaxed, and be calm and in control. Consumers mention experiencing a break from all their concerns as well as a generalized feel-good sensation.

If you have had a particularly rough day, we highly recommend using this particular pressure, since it will improve your morale while maintaining any frustration or discomfort that you feel melts away. You could also experience a small boost of energy but it’s a healthy high overall. Please ensure you have handy snacks, as this strain will induce the munchies.

Therapeutic Benefits of  Mango Strain 

The high content of CBD also means the Mango marijuana strain is a much-loved form of medical cannabis. Because of its soothing effect, people use it to manage chronic stress syndromes. Mango marijuana is known to be an effective analgesic to treat muscle spasms, chronic pain, and joint pain.

Mango oil can also benefit you if you do have depression or PTSD, by making you feel more optimistic. We suggest using it in the evening, to take advantage of its soothing properties. If you are suffering from insomnia, try this strain an hour before going and see if it allows you to get the sleep you need so badly.

Side Effects

Again, this strain’s high CBD content ensures you’ll experience a strong high that isn’t frustrating. Although some strains with such a THC content of more than 20% can lead some users to feel nervous and anxious, the major adverse effects are mild, including such dry mouth. But if you’re a new consumer and the very first time you overindulge it, you may experience mild headaches and slight dizziness.


We’ve heard knowledgeable smokers of cannabis say the Mango marijuana strain is one of the top three marijuana strains they’ve ever tried. Its magnificent taste of mango makes must-try marijuana and for newbies, it’s not a particularly difficult strain to grow. Although when cultivating indoors, the yield is considerably lower.

Mango marijuana strain is undoubtedly a strain mostly during the evening because it helps you calm and relaxes. While it offers an early boost in energy, you’ll quickly determine that relieving on the couch or in bed is a better choice unlike attempting to do any operations. Please ensure you’re using a reasonable amount and maintain a bottle of water and tasty snacks close by.