Facts About OG Kush Marijuana Strain

OG Kush Marijuana Strain is a legendary strain with such a reputation that is established well outside the world of marijuana. However, in spite of its popularity, its exact origins stay secret. It’s a combination of the hardy Hindu Kush landrace and staple Chemdawg, several beliefs. OG Kush may also have arisen as a distinct phenotype of some other established strain from the unidentified bag crop. Often contested is the significance of its name — the “OG” was conversely said to mean: “original gangster,” conveying its position as an old-school foundational element strain; “ocean grew,” corresponding to its roots along its coast of California. OG Kush strain’s effectiveness was the aspect that is not up for debate — the THC content was already reliably tested at between 20% to 25%.

OG Kush has a nugget-like bud that is medium to wide with a thick, Indica-like framework. The leaf was also pale yellow-green, even though traces of purple can be shown by these phenotypes; the latter color is the result of cold weather activating anthocyanin pigments. Against these colorful flowers, bright orange pistils intended to absorb pollen from fertilizing male plants, stand out.

The berries were coated in trichomes which give them a silvery-white appearance and make them very slick to a touch — consumers might have to use a grinder when getting ready buds for a joint or even a pipe. The buds get a musty and earthy smell when properly healed, which is accentuated by certain fruity luminosity: the overall impression is of a hoppy good beer. More like a pine-like scent is provided by smoking or splitting off the buds. OG Kush marijuana strain smoke is usually rough and sore throat-inducing; it can burn the nasal passages and water the eyes. Like a classic Indica on the inhale and exhale, the smoking feels spicy and hashy. After a joint has been extinguished, the pungent funk of OG Kush can persist for quite a while — those desire to stay discreet regarding their consumption must take the appropriate precautions.

Growing OG Kush Strain

However, the OG Kush marijuana strain can be a pretty difficult plant to develop, and therefore it is important to closely track and track the atmosphere and climate in which your plants grow. The strain is considered to be prone to a few problems, namely bugs, powdery mildew, mites, and other illnesses that can occur while developing marijuana. Even so, you must be able to maintain your OG Kush strain reefer plants in line with daily care and recording of weather.

In comparison to other strains, OG Kush has a flowering cycle of 8-9 weeks This is fairly average; the indoor environment is the most appropriate place for developing OG Kush, but ensure that your climate and environment are highly regulated. Hydroponics works effectively. However, when developing OG Kush, other indoor growing strategies are also necessary.

Whether you are focusing on the mission of developing OG Kush outdoors, please ensure that you will be 100% in the right setting. This strain develops mostly in Southern California, so you’ll want to have more or less similar weather conditions, ideally a hot and tropical climate with an abundance of water, and perhaps most importantly, full sun on a daily basis.

You can expect about 14-18 ounces of marijuana each crop when cultivated outdoors, or about 16-18 ounces of marijuana each meter squared if cultivated indoors, if all goes well during the growing process (and that’s a major ‘if’). This yield is a generous one, in contrast to other marijuana, considered above average. If users plan to expand the OG Kush marijuana strain, we suggest that those looking to become licensed growers of marijuana undertake the job. There is not a massive opportunity for at-home customers to build this strain for personal use for the amount of work, unless you are up for a heck of a task, of course.

Many other marijuana strains, for example, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream, are much easier to develop at home with little experience, just to name a few. That said, never let a good task prevent you from doing what you want you can now question OG Kush’s growth and produce a safe, uber-potent yield with adequate treatment and planning.

Medical Benefits of OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is an extraordinarily therapeutic cannabis strain that has shocked the world of medical cannabis with its capacity to help with several ailments. In addition, one of the major reasons for OG Kush is large growth in popularity in the last half-decade is surely its possible treatment benefits. A lot of people are finding that rather than a full-blown Indica, or best still, they tend to drink this strain rather than prescription meds that are so frequently connected to unpleasant, life-altering adverse effects.

OG Kush strain may also offer functional relief for patients with serious and chronic pain, as the strong cannabinoid content of the strains really helps relax and alleviate the weak points, as well as ease pain and decrease neuropathic distress. For depression, stress, anxiety, or some other mental illness, if you are using OG Kush, many would advise just smoking a moderate amount of OG Kush or consuming a low-dose edible. It is because, at least in terms of the onset of paranoia and anxiety, over-consumption of THC when treating a psychiatric illness can potentially do more harm than good. Understand exactly your boundaries, and remain within those limits.

On the other hand, taking a higher dose of the OG Kush strain can be of greater benefit if you are struggling with insomnia or sleep deprivation. This will help to tackle the dilemma head-on, while more or less minimizing the chance of losing out on thought the entire-plant advantages. You might want to look for a full-spectrum concentrate, edible, or another consumable form of the strain to reach a greater dose.

Adverse Effects

If you are allergic to THC, the safest way to prevent any adverse side effects of OG Kush is to take precautions. Take care of your body, and if you’re susceptible to THC-induced paranoia or anxiety, be extremely alert.

When trying out OG Kush marijuana strain, customers also sometimes experience dry eyes dry mouth as a common side effect, but not to sweat such trivial matter as it is totally preventable by consuming hydrating liquids or using moisturizing eye drops as required.

Consequently, after consuming the OG Kush marijuana strain, some people have reported slight paranoia, but note that the high will pass, and keeping long, deep, steady breaths will help keep your head clear if you are heading through any negative thoughts. When overwhelmed with the dark magic of “THC overdose,” deep relaxation and meditation approaches can also be valuable guidance.

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