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Facts About Romulan Marijuana Strain

romulan marijuana strain

The Romulan strain is indeed a mythical Indica-dominant strain which originally comes when people have started to joke that “dent your head” might be this strain and build ridges like the Star Trek warrior race that shares the name of the strain. The Romulan marijuana strain is recognized for its strong stone-like narcotics. Consumers are often glued to one place and can be resolved by drowsy-laziness.

This pressure often covers the patient in a delightful euphoric embrace thus increasing the appetite as well. Snacks must be stored close as Romulan’s ‘munchies effect’ is very potent even for seasoned consumers. This strain has been most commonly used by people who struggle with insomnia and can not be used during the day as such.  Consumers who are looking for pain relief often find that some of the worst chronic headaches may be relieved by Romulan. People chose it to relieve the symptoms of conditions with anxiety and stress, exhaustion, and different issues with the stomach.

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

With the cherry-on-top of intriguing and introspective euphoric high, Romulan marijuana strain could create highly Stoney and even narcotic-like effects, absolutely melting and sinking the user into deep tranquility. Most marijuana growers claim that the creeping in of cerebral attributes is the phenomenon of a minor Sativa twist in the genetic heritage of this crop, but this knowledge has been extensively discussed and is not yet proven.

Romulan’s THC content rates at a heavy rate, with laboratory findings supporting estimates on average of about 20%. There still is a lot to discover about this heavy marijuana, and one thing for sure would be that marijuana patients enjoy Romulan marijuana strain as the go-to strain for the late night.

Growing Information About Romulan Strain

The growing process for Romulan is relatively easy to grow, and can thus also be attempted by complete beginners or novices who have little or no cannabis experience. Unlike some other Indica crops, since it is slightly taller than the standard, short-growing Indica flower, this one requires a little more upward opportunity to develop and branch out.

It is typically highly resistant to modern diseases, reducing the amount of maintenance needed but still, each marijuana strain requires a very amount of recognition. In either an indoor or outdoor climate, this weed can flourish safely, as long as the health terms are fulfilled. Romulan prefers a warm, dry climate, so this needs to be recreated if you are attempting indoor cultivation. The average flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks, and when modest yields could be achieved, outdoor harvests fall around mid-October.

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

Effective indoor crop yields an estimate of 9 oz of freshly bud each square meter, whereas outdoor crops yield 9 oz of freshly budding each plant. Throughout the end, Romulan marijuana strain crops develop a delicious and tasty bud easily and quickly, which is a classic collection for an Indica enthusiast.

Effects of Romulan Strain

Romulan induces some of the usual symptoms that might be anticipated in an Indica strain but intensified to the whole new level, usually causing couch-lock and an extreme case of the munchies. You can interpret the high as very close to that of a narcotic-it sends you right into a dream-like state of euphoria where your worries fade away and your body falls far, deep into the surface underneath you. This weed strain has a propensity to make you so comfortable. 

The high from Romulan marijuana strain is often referred to as a “floating” feeling, causing your mind to feel light and fluffy with the added twist of introspective and fascinating mental effects. In addition, the mood is enhanced by pleasure and emotional happiness oozing from your mind and spirit, flooding your body with affection and fulfillment.

Overall, for this form of weed, few negative aspects have been mentioned, making it a particularly classic strain for anyone who longs for a solid, yet pleasant Indica.

Medical Benefits

Romulan marijuana strain is considered among the safest sleep reliefs on the market by the weed community, however, we must first and foremost deny that this drug should NOT be taken during the daylight unless you wish to catch yourself dozing off by 10 in the morning. Those dealing with any or more of the challenges are best suitable to help with psychiatric illnesses and disabilities from:

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Eating Disorder
  • Paranoia
  • Insomnia

For health problems relevant to the head, it might be prudent to ingest a lower dosage of this strong strain at first and then build up from there until it is known how precisely this strain affects you.

Those dealing with psychiatric illnesses and disabilities are highly vulnerable to intensified paranoia, anxiety, and worrying triggered by THC, so this is the key reason that it is crucial to consider it easy, regardless of what type of marijuana is being ingested. Romulan marijuana strain may also play a part in the process of healing with more physical-related illnesses and ailments.

This “named-after-aliens” strain will benefit, particularly for those who have severe pain, migraines/headaches, joint pain, loss of appetite, and certain other types of body pain. Higher doses of Romulan marijuana strain could be required for physical illnesses, for the maximum amount of relaxation to be obtained.

Adverse Effects of Romulan Strain

While usually very risk-free for intake, Romulan can be “overdone” in very large amounts, resulting in extreme situations adverse effects such as nausea, headaches, and dizziness. This evidence can definitely not be cause for alarm, since most persons only get an instance of dry mouth or dry eyes, all of which are readily manageable with only a little extra training and preparation.

For dry mouth, make sure you drink lots of hydrating fluids before, after, and after your height would not only protect your mouth from drying out but also helps avoid exhaustion, so you can feel headaches or other grogginess the next day. Before consuming cannabis, buy a tube of moisturizing eye drops from the nearest drug store or dispensary to keep the pain of dry eyes at bay.

Have a bottle on board for occasions when you just have some relief from this frequently occurring Romulan marijuana strain side effect. All in all, Romulan is faced with very few potential side effects, with minuscule severity being the most common.

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