Freebies Marijuana Seeds

Ah yes, the freebies that all of the larger seed banks are offering in order to get you to bump up the volumes of your orders. It is a part of their selling strategies to offer the consumer free cannabis seeds with every purchase the client makes, it is a way to get the customer to spend more money on their order. Their thinking is along the lines of the more you buy the more free ganja seeds they will give you, so they pump out the free pot seeds per order. Obviously, the more seeds you actually pay for, the more free weed seeds you get. It is a good way to pull in customers, and to ramp up the volume of the order being placed. All of these companies went into the marijuana genetics business in order to make good money, and they are making it.

So that is the story with the free marijuana seeds offered by the big seed banks! Take advantage while you can

Freebies Seeds

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