Afghani Kush Marijuana Seeds

Afghani Kush

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor,  Outdoor
Flowering: 8 weeks
Yield:  Average
Height:  Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa:  100% indica hybrid
Effect:  narcotic
Flavour:  Spicy Sweet
THC Level:  20%+
Growing:  Easy

Originating from the Hindu Kush mountain, this 100% indica hybrid marijuana strain has very stable genetics courtesy of successive breeding between wild Kush cannabis strains. It is a versatile weed plant that can be grown both indoor and outdoor and also able to adapt to commercial breeding methods like greenhouse and SOG for the more advanced growers. This is a very forgiving ganja plant and therefore also ideal for beginners in the field of marijuana cultivation.
Flowering time for Afghani Kush is expected when it reaches 8 weeks in an indoor set-up. Yield is just about right for this pure indica hybrid and it will grow buds with lots of sticky resin and will emit a strong smell that is identical to Afghani hashish. The effect when smoked will induce a heavy body stoned feel courtesy of its potent THC content.