RGD (Really Good Dope) Marijuana Seeds

RGD (Really Good Dope)

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 7 to 9 weeks
Yield: High
Height: Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Long lasting high
Flavour: Haze
THC Level:
Growing: Easy to moderate

This hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing the legendary Northern Lights with a famous Haze. The result is an indoor weed variety that is strong and sturdy and can adapt to different indoor growing systems like SOG, greenhouse and hydroponics type of weed growing.
Flowering time for this hybrid cannabis strain can be expected once it reaches 7 to 9 weeks counted from the time it enters the vegetation stage. It will grow big buds with light green colour and topped richly with lots of THC crystals. Yield is quite high for this hybrid and the grower can expect to harvest ample volume of highly potent cannabis buds. This hybrid has good leaf to flower ratio and therefore easier to harvest for the grower. The effect when smoked is a clear cerebral and uplifting high courtesy of its Haze genetics.