This Green Crack Marijuana Strain has bred inbreeding method of Skunk #1, this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. There’s another version of this strain but is less well-known than the Green Crank Marijuana. This strain got its name from the famous singer Snoop Dogg, although it is also known as the Green Cush or Cush to users who prefer marijuana than cocaine. It is an extremely addictive strain with very high potent, with THC levels that reach up to 24%. Green Crack is an indica-sativa strain with a 65:35. The effect of this strain is very cerebral that can boost your mood and give you a very energetic feeling. 

This strain can make the consumer very creative and make them get work done. It really helps people with depression, ADHD, anxiety, migraines, and PTSD. The Green Crack strain has a sweet taste with citrus and tropical notes. The buds of this strain are thick and tight. When using this strain the consumers will feel dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, and paranoia that doesn’t usually happen. This strain well-known in California, Arizona, Colorado, and in the Pacific Northwester, also it is even popular in the black market.

Green Crank Marijuana has a fine-class bud structure, with thick buds that are tiny and growing thick. The leaves of this strain are pale green to yellow, though the colors in some flowers can cause other leaves to be stripe with a purple color when the plant is exposed to cold during its growing stage. The rusted colored pistils will stand out to the other colorful flowers, and the nugs are coated in milky-white trichomes, having them a sticky touch and shiny appearance. These features are partnered with a dynamic smell. Healed correctly, the flowers have a beaming citrus aroma with fruity undertones of wood and earthiness. The smoke of this strain is absolutely fine and leaves a taste at the tip of the palate and at the back of the tongue, and the flavor of mango. If smoke, the taste of it is roughly spicy and hashy,  which shows the Afghani lineage.

Characteristic of Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Regardless of its physical indica features, the Green Crack Marijuana Strain has a buzzy and strong sativa high. It gives the consumers with the extreme energy the later on manifests as a mindset, creating this a great wake and bake strain. The Green Crank’s potency can create mundane like household chores more interesting. It’s also an amazing smoke0- with its sharp feeling of focus can help the consumers zero in being creative or give attention to the nuances in a movie or music. Green Crank has also some slight hallucinating effects, such as distortions and odd sense of time dilations. And it makes the users feeling fairly wired and uplifted, this strain is good to use in late nights. Because it does not have a lot of physical relaxing indica features, this strain doesn’t have a large wide range of medical benefits. Though, its electrifying effects can be good for freeing users from over fatigue. Green Crack can also help those who are suffering from depression and anxiety, giving them to live in a moment- although, in wide enough doses, the feeling towards hard cerebral that can jump into paranoia and panic attack.

Regardless of its name being edgy, the Green Crack can make the consumers feeling inspired and energized than manic and strung out. Giving the best of what sativa characteristic has to offer, its the best strain for improving your appreciation of your surroundings or being simply as a feeling to help you go and get up. It is also amazing in its potency- even for skilled marijuana consumers, a bit of this controlling feeling can go a long way.