Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Pack Coleccionista Mix

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor
Yield:  300-850g/m2
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Effect: Energetic
Flavour:  Fruity
THC Level:  20%
Growing:  Easy/Medium

Pack Coleccionista Mix marijuana strain is one of the Green Devil Cannabis strains that have been exceptional in its properties. This marijuana strain is derived not only from one or two Green Devil strains but three. These three cannabis seeds are the Margoot seeds, Durweiss seeds and Orange Haze seeds. And each of these marijuana strain seeds have their own characteristics to contribute to the Pack Coleccionista Mix marijuana strain which makes it even more admired and appreciated by many users.
The best thing here is that you can grow this indoors and can yield a minimum of 300 grams to a maximum of 850 grams per square meter. Also, this marijuana strain is mostly Sativa and gives a maximum THC percentage level of 20% with a sweet, fruity taste that will surely blast and settle in your palate. And this will result to an either relaxing, strong cerebral and energetic effect.
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