Green Label Marijuana Seeds

The company is based in Amsterdam and they breed marijuana seeds particularly focusing on Auto-flowering and feminized seeds. Some of the Green Label Seeds known in the cannabis market are White Fruit, AK Widow 47, Automatic Mega Bud, and Automatic Mary. As of now, they have a total of 14 strains and they offer mix packs of marijuana seeds for the buyer to be able to try their other strains without spending a lot of money on a per pack basis. The website of this breeder does not directly sell marijuana seeds and if you want to buy their weed seeds, you will de directed to a page where the seedbanks and retailers that carry their pot seed strains are sold. Some of the online stores are Everyonedoesit, Grass City, Need4Seeds, and Dreanherbs. For distributors, they have Basil Bush Semenakonopi, and Conscious Wholesale.

green label seeds

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