Headband Marijuana Strain is an iconic Indica hybrid that uses some strong genetics of cannabis to give buds with a visual “bag appeal” and a powerful high stone. While the word Headband conjures up images of hippies in colorful headgear, it simply refers to the pressure sensation that builds up around the temples of the consumer, as the THC of this strain dilates blood vessels throughout the face.

The Headband Marijuana is the offspring of the staple strain which are Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush. These parent strains are all Indica-dominant hits which are also present in the Headband Marijuana strain that has a high THC component ranging around 20% and an amazing 27%. Some people say that Headband marijuana was created by Reserva Privada, a Colorado-based cultivator, that is also behind the Strawberry Banana and Candy Kush. Although others testify to an origin in 707 Headband strain, a grassroots strain produced in marijuana great unknown in Humboldt County, California; DNA Genetics breeders claim to have studied this “707” strain and reproduced its probable genetic profile to create Headband.

Headband Marijuana Strain Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance:

Above all, Headband’s fragrance is deeply pungent. Whatever room you are in, the strong yet friendly fragrance of lemon stench easily fills up and envelops you. The lemony fragrance is soon combined with the earthiness aroma that is somewhat reminiscent of diesel, which may be a consequence of its Sour Diesel heritage. Headband’s flavor profile is one to note, exuding an enticing lemon mix, accompanied by cream and vanilla undertones. In addition to the lavender and earth hints that appear after the starting flavor identification, this extra added sweetness makes Headband a tasteful one.¬†

Appearing smart, Headband marijuana strain is the classic look of an Indica dominant marijuana plant, both short and bushy in height, which for some indoor growers can be troublesome. For such a reason the lower fan leaves need to be cut checked to prove that enough light and nourishment are provided to all the flowers. Because of the high ratio of buds to foliage, the lack of development of low – lying areas buds is not that much of a problem, but as a possibility, it is still something to be aware of. In appearance, the nugs themselves are much like “nugget-like”- thick and filled in, typically pale green to the forest, dark-green color, with some colder climate-grown buds experiencing more of a purple hue, which is the chemical anthocyanin reaction that is accessed in the flowers.

As anticipated for a cannabis strain with a high THC content, the buds are usually thickly covered with a silvery dusting, glistening trichomes, or crystals that comprise much of the high-inducing ingredient. The crystal structure of these buds can easily be contrasted with what snow appears to be a fresh dusting. Due to all these small, sparkling crystals, the buds are highly sticky, ensuring that this marijuana strain is mandatory for grinding, not by hand but with an actual grinder. Whether you don’t already own a grinder or have access to one, this is something you can bear in mind.

Growing Information

Pot growing newbies, rejoice- Headband marijuana strain is one of great ease of growing if long as you are subject to the requisite management and temperature control requirements. Thankfully, this weed is resistant to most typical molds, pests, and mildews so at least this aspect won’t be a reason for concern. The Headband can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but irrespective of where the plants are produced, they must be steered separate from freeze and put indirect access to huge volumes of sunlight

When the crops are grown outdoors in a hot or wet environment, they need to be held in a well-protected area to prevent any disease from trying to overtake a whole field. Headband supplies those who are diligent with a robust yield and takes good care of their plants. On average, indoor yields vary at about 18 grams per square foot, whereas outdoor harvests yield 21 ounces per plant. Outside harvest comes about mid-October while for this cannabis strain the flowering time is 9-11 weeks.

Because the crops are short and also have a wider extension, it is a feasible choice especially those living in colder climates that have no choice but to grow crops indoors, because for successful growth it won’t require a large window space. As long as there is enough light and sufficient ventilation/air circulation to keep the crops alive and the unpleasant stench controlled, any low-ceiling room would do.

Medical Benefit of Headband Marijuana Strain

All in all, this cannabis plant is one that can be regarded as multilayered, giving multiple relief methods from a variety of conditions or disturbing medical events. Headband marijuana strain is incredibly beneficial for those struggling with discomforts or illnesses that are supported by high potent THC amounts. For starters, because of its ability not only to relax but also to replenish the mind and body, helping to melt away the worries, Headband is useful for those who intend to control theirs:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia

Physically, Headband marijuana strain is the best cure for headache and migraine, dissolving pain and nausea from the temples easily, which seems appropriate considering the name of this strain. This cannabis can also relieve discomfort caused by chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and soreness in the body, fatigue, loss of appetite, and sleeping difficulties. Physical effects would likely require larger doses of this drug, so alternate ingestion approaches may be in order. Edibles, candies, gummies, tinctures, extracts, and concentrate all provide large Headband doses with less of the actual consumption act required.

With the use of smaller doses, mental conditions and mood disorders should be reduced, because over-consumption of any THC heavy cannabis strain can cause some unnecessary stress, paranoia or anxiety for those seeking help to calm the mind. Headband marijuana strains are well-rounded, not only fun to eat but also brilliant medical assistance.

Effects of Head Marijuana

While this marijuana strain is essentially a mixture, the Indica characteristics can be felt with more strength than the Sativa, because Headband is addicting and transforms the body into deep relaxation while creating some special, but soothing, deep cerebral effects. It can stimulate laziness for some individuals, so it’s best for usage on a day off work, later in the night or even just before bed.

Headband causes couch-lock and even laziness at times, so make sure you ‘re in a relaxed place that you’re not going to have to get up too much. Finally the high will fade from calming to sedative-like, so be prepared for sleep to follow. In addition, some customers are getting the munchies so be sure to have a refrigerator packed-with-all-your-favorites. Basically, Headband marijuana strain is a classic alternative for those seeking a comfortable day or night in, maybe watching movies or listening to music.

Final Thoughts 

If you are an adult seeking help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD / ADHD, chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, loss of appetite and any other body stresses or aches, then the Headband marijuana strain might be the perfect one for you as it provides massive relief from a variety of health conditions and discomforts. We hope you will find this article not just too enjoyable but insightful and informative as well. It is important to note that cannabis use is the user’s sole responsibility and discretion should always be taken on board.