When growing marijuana, the growers desire to yield fragrant, potent buds–very ideally, and a lot of it. Genetically, growing mediums, nutrients, climate, and everything come down to have the highest yielding marijuana strains; and several factors are important for the end product of your growing space. One of the very first considerations, the genetics of the plant, determine which attributes the plant is able to express, whereas environmental factors are what really allow the growing process to pull it out. If you understand more about cultivating, you do understand that yield does have a lot to do with something other than very well care for your plants — it has a lot to do for the highest marijuana strains that you want to grow from the start.

Top 10 Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains

  1. Moby Dick

Moby Dick is the leading Sativa-dominant highest yielding marijuana strains of Dinafem, a competitive White and Haze hybrid with excellent mold resistance and THC content of up to 21%.

The starving crops vigorously grow into the shape of a Christmas tree and establish huge dominant colas indoors, outdoors, and in a hydroponic setup. With yields of over 1 kilo per plant, Moby Dick is completed flowering outdoors by mid-to-late October. The stretchy crops production well up around 650 g / m2 within. Fit for large bong hits, dark smooth smoke, smells like noble wood and lemon. Sturdy, vivid buds. Really surreal.

2. Green Crack

Green Crack is a renowned Afghani x Skunk # 1 hybrid strain and with its pale-green vibrant Sativa bud took the West Coast marijuana scene by storm. Green Crack crops, a good grower outdoors and indoors, at first, develop stretchily and afterward fill in beautifully with sticky, thick buds.

Outdoor big trees which can yield 1-3 kg per plant. A healthy strain of cannabis, immune to mold. Methods such as SOG  and SCROG are being used indoors to monitor vertical height, and improve productivity. The buds also have a fruity blend of flavors such as mango, citrus, cedarwood, pineapple, and incense. Hits fast and angry. Green Crack yields high and is easy to grow in harsh climates.

3. White Widow

White Widow is a popular Amsterdam hybrid created by combining the Brazilian and Southern Indian landrace strains. Now world-famous, White Widow is renowned for its excellent production of resin and strong euphoria. Consumers may rejoice their effects but cultivators are celebrating the high yields of White Widow.

There is an explanation of how this award-winning strain has remained famous because it was founded in the 90s. Not only is this strain a heavy yielder, but White Widow also is resistant to pests and molds and will wrap up in just eight to nine weeks of flowering. Indoor gardens, White Widow does best, so locate several plants and observe this crop lift off.

4. Super Skunk

Super Skunk is indeed an Indica strain hybrid created with an Afghani by the back-crossing Skunk # 1. The yields were injected, thus maintaining the inherent stench of the Skunk. First published in 1990, immediately that year Super Skunk won its most Indica High Times Cannabis Cup.

Assumed one of the very first hybrids of the next generation produced by Skunk # 1, the success of Super Skunk maintains amongst these best cannabis strains of 2020. For most growing environments, the colorful plants grow well, like hydroponics, outdoors, and indoors. A fast-flowering strain that generates massive, chilly colas, Super Skunk requires large amounts of sun and nutrients for sturdy buds to offer outdoor cultivators more than 2 kgs per plant for indoors, up around 700 grams. The flavor is really stinky. Skunk varieties derive their name from the very pungent scent of the buds. Super Skunk is the highest yielding marijuana strain to evolve for those who want to get the stanky stank.

5. White Widow x Big Bud

White Widow x Big Bud, one of the best-selling high yield marijuana seed varieties of all time, is a huge producer of hard-stinky, incredibly resinous rock buds. It is not getting any taller than 3 feet. Big Bud x White Widow is a small, compact crop with dense stalks that are easily grown for weed in growing tents.

The heavy-fed strain cherishes full light and a nutrient-rich diet. Indoor methods of cropping and preparation are used to optimize the returns. Growing outdoors in dry climes is possible. Nice, skunky, widowed buds. Knock-out hammer, White Widow x Big Bud produces a narcotic high usually Indica. Big production of great-quality dominant Indica buds soaking in resin.

6. Critical Mass

Originating from the lineage related to Big Bud, Critical Mass is Mr. Nice’s renowned mass-production plant which produces high yields of strong, dank bud.  Simple to grow and simple to clone, marijuana plants usually Indica remain short and small. Works well in almost every case.

This fast-flowering strain produces massive “donkey ass” colas amongst the highest yielding marijuana strains on the market. Because of their intense density, they are close maturation prone to humidity. Skunky, lemon seeds, with a very sour tinge. The effect on the body is powerful and thought-provoking. Critical mass is a high yield strain of top breeds to grow indoors.

7. Big Bud

Definitive pressure on the cash crops. Big Bud is an award-winning highest yielding marijuana strain developed from the genetics of Afghani, Northern Lights, and  Skunk # 1 and maintained by Sensi Seeds up to this day. The responsive plants stay indoors at a medium height and during flowering, they really pack on the extra weight. Best grown when planted outdoors in a warm dry climate.

Big Bud is the marijuana strain with the highest known yield since the 1980s. The giant buds are gaining too much weight to hold onto themselves, so they need help. The flavors are subtle, mild, and hashy. The symptoms of Big Bud are the usual couch-lock Indica, including red eyes, drowsiness, munchies. Granddaddy Purp is a perfect example to use Big Bud genes to improve the efficiency of purple marijuana varieties, often perfect for breeders.

8. Black Sugar

Black Sugar is a tenacious Indica strain developed that used a mixture of, LA OG,  and Critical genetics. Market by Crop King Seeds, this variety is characterized by quick growth, great production, and high THC content of 20%. 

Develop into a bushy plant with slight branching at short stature. Black Sugar dries up the light and gets a strong answer to bud food. The hard rock colas offer excellent yields of up to 600 grams when grown indoors. Finishes quickly. Plants outdoors can yield only a few pounds. The thick Indica buds are coated in crystals, with an extremely fruity pungent aroma. A potent physical calming level. Stocky, sticky icky plants with good yields.

9. Power Plant

Power Plant is also another classic variety of marijuana that still produces high yields in top quality. It’s an award-winning strain of landrace strains from South Africa created by Dutch Passion in the 1990s.

This healthy breeding strain with its origins in Africa grows best in warm areas and indoors, where it stays 3-5 feet tall. Suitable to improve yields for LST (low-stress training). Strong development of compact, elongated buds filled with thick colas. Big calyxes, with a high ratio of bud to leaf. The Power Plant is able to cut in just 2 months. Spicy and sweet orange buds for both day and night tokers, with a balanced high fine. Power Plant is also a mold-resistant variety and a perfect alternative for outdoor growing in humid areas.

10. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a very well known highest yielding Sativa strain hybrid between Blueberry and Haze in the Americas, and one of the highest yielding marijuana strains. Blue Dream, one of the most lucrative cannabis varieties for outdoor growers on the West Coast, rapidly gained widespread popularity nationwide.

The hybrid vigor present in Blue Dream, a very powerful and quick-growing plant, drives the crops rapidly with more spread to arrive with it during flowering. Luckily, its branches are filled thick with flowers Yields of over 10 pounds per outdoor plant, this strain develops as large as a tree. Indoors it will flower early in order to remain more controlled. Blue Dream’s tastes and the fragrance are sweet and smooth, very luminous on the lungs, and then straight to the surface. The results of an Indica body kick are controlled speedy Sativa high. Simple to grow and quick to get rid of.