Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Mozambique Poison

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering: 77 Days
Indica/Sativa:  Sativa
Effect: Psychoactive, Stoned
Flavour:  Electric Zinger
THC Level:  14-18%
Growing:  Medium/Hard

Mozambique Poison is certainly among the best pure Sativas of Holy Smoke. This marijuana strain could be cultivated indoors as well as in a greenhouse. This marijuana strain has a flowering period of 77 days on average. On the other hand, it would not give you feminized seeds to cultivate. This marijuana strain is actually from South Africa Mozambique, which is thought to be a very difficult place due to the endless fighting. But Mozambique still survived because of its natural resources that are retained. This marijuana strain is a perfect discovery from the genetics of Mozambique Poison and Landrace Satvia.
Mozambique Poison would give you a flavor that is typically like an electric zinger. On the other hand, it has THC levels that are actually ranging from moderate to high. Mozambique Poison’s effect, on the other hand, would also be a psychoactive stone that would usually last for hours. This marijuana strain also has buds that would grow beautifully.