Lemon Thai Kush Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Thai Kush

Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: Photoperiod
Harvest size: High
Height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: High, stoned
Flavour: Cedar and pine
THC Level:
Growing: Difficult

Available only in feminized seeds, Lemon Thai Kush is a sativa and indica hybrid that can grow tall especially if it is allowed to flourish in its natural environment. It can grow in both indoor and outdoor setting and versatile enough to adapt to different growing systems but its sheer size and height makes it ideal to be grown outside. It grows like a tree and might need to be trimmed to prevent the branches from breaking or bending when it starts to flower. This is not a marijuana plant for beginners and therefore must be raised only by those who have experienced growing pot plants before particularly the large varieties.
Flowering time is longer but will still depend on photoperiod. Indoors, it can be induced to flower earlier but it is always best to allow it to finish its vegetative stage for a more robust yield later on. This hybrid strain is one of the favorites of seasoned growers because it is prolific and can produce lots of buds that are heavy with resin coating and strong THC content. The effect when smoked is also one for the books and beginners in weed smoking are advised to slow down with this strain as it gives a strong horse kick in the head and body. Definitely not for the uninitiated.