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Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews Humboldt Seed Organisation

Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds


Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: Photoperiod
Harvest size: High
Height: Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa
High: Psychedelic
Flavour: Spicy sweet cedar
THC Level:
Growing: Easy to moderate

Proudly originating from Arcata, Humboldt, California, Trainwreck is a mostly sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain and recognized as one of the most potent sativa coming from California. Trsainwreck got its name because of its very strong hit that makes you feel like well, wrecked–by a train! It is available in feminized seeds and has auto-flowering characteristics. It can also grow in both indoor and outdoor setting and grows from medium to tall in height. This hybrid has very good resistance to some pests and parasites because of the ruderalis genes in its system and therefore ideal to be raised even by beginners.
Flowering time will depend on this weed plant itself because of its auto-flowering features. It will not depend on light to start budding and even if you make them stay in darkness, this pot plant will still bloom. Yield is pretty decent and the grower can expect to harvest good volume of potent cannabis buds when its due time comes. This smoke is not for beginners because of the strong hit this hybrid is capable of releasing. It will leave you with your jaws dropped and feel like blown to psychedelic heavens.
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4 thoughts on “Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews Humboldt Seed Organisation”

  1. I think train wreck was out before 86 it was one of my favs also the way they describe most of them now a days it does not even sound like tw except from one so cal seed collective I am growing 2 humbolt tw in veg right now and I do not see any auto flowering in them tho the free seeds I got from att with the order and where auto are showing I am also gowing th wreckage I let you know when finished tho I really dout they are like the old tw I rember   

  2. Yeah, no shit huh? And what’s with this ruderalis nonsence? No where else does it say this strain has ruderalis genes. This site sucks. A person can still use it, but they should know it sucks.

  3. it was named trainwreck  because the year that it was  bred the (outdoor) grow was almost compromised by….. you guessed it a fucking actual train wreck in ’86.  

    don’t just wright some stupid shit that you pull out of your ass and besides the truth is way cooler than that shit you just made up. 

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