Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Regular
Climate:  Outdoor
Flowering: 7-10 Weeks
Yield:  Varies
Height:  Short/Tall
Indica/Sativa:  Indica, Sativa
Effect: Varies
Flavour:  Varies
THC Level:  High
Growing:  Easy

The Outdoor Mix that Kiwi Seeds offers is a seed bundle of the marijuana strains that they have which are all ideal to be grown outdoors. It contains the famous Daddy’s girl which is known for having a vigorous growth and is able to withstand even extreme climates. This marijuana strain is also known for having a spicy flavor.
Another seed is the Tazman Haze that is named after an historic event in New Zealand. It has a rich and spicy flavor that is very distinct on sativa strains. There is also the famous 2 Pounder that is kwon for having large buds and giving good yields. It is a strain that has a dense THC crystal formation and a fruity smell.
Lastly, there is also the South Star that is known for giving a taste and effect that can lasts for hours. Also, the height of this strain is very manageable.