Know More About Candyland Marijuana Strain

Candyland is a Sativa-dominant strain that is an offspring of the notorious Grand Daddy Purple and the Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain, a descendant of the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  The THC content of Candyland marijuana strain tends to differ greatly based on the strength of the exact strain that gets your hands with. Its THC levels could be very moderate, on average about 14%, however, its THC levels were registered at 19% and a whopping 24%, allowing Candyland marijuana strain perhaps more appropriate than a beginner for a more seasoned marijuana consumer.

With a slightly darker color of green than the usual bright green Sativa strain, Candyland buds are tiny and thick. When developed correctly, the trichomes are dense, appearing as though the bud should have been coated in sugar. The red hairs are a plain red, but they continue longer than average, nearly making the buds from a distance seem blurry.

When this strain is smoked, expect a very earthy taste with traces of spices and sweets. Its areas appear towards its sativa components, rendering it a psychologically calming strain when used in lower doses with minimal or no body effects. For social events or artistic tasks, the pressure is perfect-something where the brain needs to be busy and involved. The strain can affect paranoia and anxiety when ingested in greater amounts, including particularly by beginner consumers, as is common for powerful Sativa strains. Before agreeing to a complete joint, you may want to try a hit or two.

Candyland Strain Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

There are a number of phenotypes floating through, and this strain is accessible from both seeds and clones. Although individual taste profiles can change, Candyland normally has a scent of soft, fuel, musky. It’s considered to have earthy connotations as well. Those developing from seed may have the option of selecting their favorite taste and texture, with some leaning further towards the cookies and some nearer to a Grand Daddy Purple.

The scent can vary from sweet candy and grapes to chewy, earthy, and petrol, depending on the phenotype, or anywhere in between. The father of Grand Daddy Purple is known for its pronounced berry and grape aromas. The mother of the Bay Platinum Cookies is considered to have the iconic scent of Girl Scout Cookies with an extra touch of Bay 11 sweetness.

Tight, compact buds are developed by Candyland marijuana strain, normally round form but depending on the phenotype. The hue varies from the color of green to almost 100% purple. The buds are covered in lovely trichomes and orange hair. The crop itself may be elongated and Viney like certain slices of cookies or short and bushy such as the parent of a Grand Daddy Purple.

Medical Benefits of Candyland Strain 

The uplifting elevation of Candyland makes it both perfect stress relief and a powerful cure to mood problems such as anxiety and depression. It is useful for the treatment of chronic pain disorders such as arthritis because of its CBC quality. Candyland marijuana users believe it also helps to relieve headache discomfort, as well as back muscles and muscle pain.

The energizing properties of Candyland strain, along with the reality that it does not produce any cannabinoids reported to cause sleep, CBG, or CBN, allow this strain very effective in combatting the treatment of severe fatigue. In order to give you a burst of energy to help you get through a stressful day, Candyland marijuana strain is undoubtedly a perfect “wake and bake” pull.

Candyland strain’s use of an antiemetic and appetite enhancer by Candyland marijuana strain consumer is ranked comparatively poor at around five out of ten. This strain will not be considered as effective as other substitute plants out there among medicinal marijuana smokers looking to alleviate the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, including such nausea.

Adverse Effects 

Dry mouth, ranked at ten out of ten for seriousness, is the number one side benefit associated with the Candyland marijuana strain. Candyland’s dry eye side impact, which Candyland cannabis smokers score at nine out of ten, is almost as bad. Since smoking Candyland marijuana, the differing amount of THC, and therefore the efficacy of Candyland, has contributed to some beginner smokers experiencing feeling more nervous, dizzy, and slightly paranoid. Fortunately, though, these negative results are not that prominent and are valued at 3 out of 10 or even less.

Growing Candyland Strain

For those looking to buy their own seeds from Candyland, the good news is that this strain is graded as an easy one to produce. Naturally, a Candyland crop is extremely resistant to mildew and mold, causing moisture levels less of a problem when cultivating this crop indoors.

However Candyland could be cultivated outdoors or indoors, particularly in a mild, sunny, dry environment, this plant thrives outside. When they continue to thrive and expand, this plant grows very tall and has a rather slender frame that comes under a lot of strain from the additional weight of the growing buds.

In comparison to indoors, the average yield created by cultivating a Candyland crop outdoors would be almost a night and day gap. This vine, as also stated, survive when grown outdoors. An average Candyland crop developed outdoors will yield up to 35 oz every plant, while an average yield of around 14 oz per square meter is produced indoors.


 The recreational user would find the results of Candyland marijuana strain to be uplifting and very relaxed with the sweet flavor and scent. The mood-altering effects as well as the improved stamina gain and pain-relieving benefits would both benefit the medicinal marijuana consumer. Although this strain have several positive aspects, it could be harmful enough that when deciding to try it, people who have a bit to no knowledge with consuming potent marijuana strains should note this. Its adverse effects are comparatively moderate, with dry eyes and dry mouth being a small price to pay for the many benefits offered by Candyland.

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